Once, saint Puruṣottampriyadasji of Swami Isvarcharanadasji was having darsan of Ṭhakorji in Vrspur. At that time Swamisri told Bapasri that, that saint was his and make him happy by taking pity on him. Bapasri put his hand on his head and told him to look at Mūrti so he looked at Mūrti. As soon as he did this, he saw infinite muktas in Mūrti. Just as many forms are seen in a crystal glass, his eyes became steady by seeing infinite muktas without covering in one another. He looked at Mūrti for long time. Bapasri asked him how much happiness of Mūrti was. He said to Bapasri that he was shown much pity and was made grateful. Thus Bapasri made him happy by showing him divine feeling of Mūrti. || 33 ||