On the noon of Vaishakh Vad 10th ,the katha of Vachanamrut was being read in the assembly. After katha, Bapashri and saints would take a nap. After two hours he along with saints would go to bathe, Bapashri himself would check the crop of millet in the farm and would sit under the Jambun tree near the well, and saints would go to Kakarwadi for bath. They came to Bapashri to new farm after the bath. Then saints and devotees would perform pooja of Bapashri with sandalwood paste and flowers and Bapashri would give prasadi of fruits of different kinds to saints and devotees. Then Bapashri said, “This prasadi, this darshan and this opportunity are very rare. Shriji Maharaj and Muktas are as divine as in Akshardham in which they dwell and this human feeling they show by their thought. Maharaj himself and Muktas have met you -it is your goal. This achievement is big, very big. Think of the place in which you are sitting and think for whose attachment you are here-both causes are met with by meeting Anadi Mukta himself.” After this talk, Bapashri would give handful of jambun to saints and devotees and then they would come to the temple. After darshan of Thakorji, katha of Vachanamrut was being read in this session. The 38th Vachanamrut, of first chapter was being read. In it, there was reference about Jiva. Bapashri said, “Jiva is as pure as gold but it has been polluted by the fault of bad company but basically it is pure so it gets attached to Murti.”

Lallubhai of Karachi said, “In the 7th ,Vachanamrut of Loya the cycle of birth and death can be understood for the one who is bound by senses, consciousness and experience but for the one who is self realized means having goal of kaivalya moksha also comes in the circle of birth and death-why is it so? Because self realized whose goal is kaivalya moksha merged in Akshardham means he merged with Brahm like a river merges with sea-how to understand this?” Bapashri said, “The one having goal of kaivalya moksh is like a stone in water and like a bird merging with a tree, but he does not merge like river merging with sea. When Maharaj comes on the earth to liberate jivas by his grace, He also creates the one having goal of kaivalya moksh along with other creature by showing mercy, because He shows mercy on passionate jiva, then when He shows mercy on the one who has achieved Brahm, by doing means, what is there to be surprised? He will definitely do it. Therefore, Shriji Maharaj brings him in this world and making him worship (upashna) His incarnate form, liberates him.

Then Bapashri started another talk. He said, “Once an argument/ discussion took place between Shriji Maharaj and Goswami (Gosaijivala) in Vadodara. In the discussion it was fixed that all learned saints of Shriji Maharaj and all Shastries of Goswami who take part in this discussion and whosoever is defeated would become Muslim. This discussion was held daily and question-answer session took place. In it, saints of Maharaj were defeated and Shastries of Goswami won but saint would say that they would defeat Shastries of Goswami. In spite of that confidence, they were defeated daily. Maharaj would remember Gopalanand Swami and would say His gem had not come. In this way when only one day was left out Gopalanand Swami came. On seeing him, Maharaj was very much pleased and said that His gem had come and now they would win. On the next day, the discussion took place and Shree Gopalanand Swami came there. When he was sitting, there Shastries and all others saw Swami as luminescence and all around infinite deity and infinite incarnation were praying him and infinite kinds of miracles were seen so Shastries were awed by his incredible miracles and they accepted their defeat and said that they had won. Saying so they started bowing to him and Maharaj won. Shriji Maharaj said that they were to be made Muslim with the defeat of saints but this Gopalanand Swami got victory. Here the gist of the talk is, there may be thousands of seeker saints (doing means) but they cannot be compared with an Anadi Mukta, such is the extra ordinary power of Anadi Mukta. || 208 ||