Kalubha, the fojdar shaheb (P.S.I.) of Morbi who was asked by Svetvaiku??hdasji Swami to take vow of vartaman. He said if he was given darsan by Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri he would tie their Ka?thi. Then he became ill. Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri gave him darsan and told him that his life span was over but he was to be kept, he should tie ka?thi and then disappeared. He became all right and took the vow of vartaman in the temple. When Bapasri was going to Chhapaiya along with the group (sangh), Govi?dbhai and Kalubha came to Rajkot from Morbi and met Bapasri. Kalubha said that when he was given darsan in illness, he appeared luminous. Saying so, they met again and Bapasri once again gave him vow of vartaman and gave ka?thi of prasadi and told him that he would come to fetch him. Bapasri went to Mu?i and both of them went to Morbi. When he left the body, Bapasri gave darsan to many and fetched him. || 83 ||