On the noon of Fagan Vad 30th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked the question in the assembly. He asked, “In the 1st Vachanamrut of the First Chapter it is said that one should be the follower of Dharmakul. What is the meaning of Dharmakul?” Bapashri replied, “Dharmakul means one should know Shriji Maharaj as the son of Dharma or the one who has firmness in Dharma as well devotion and dwelling in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti- one should know such Anadi Mukta. Those who become their follower get brahmmay body i.e. they become form of God. The one who associates with Muktas lives as if he has realized Purushottam through this body and he does not feel that he has to go to Maharaj after death- is introvert and the one who does not have association of Muktas and feels that he could see chariot and the plane come to fetch him, is extrovert. In the association of Muktas the seekers (sadhandashawala) can have the darshan of Maharaj through this body so he forgets body, etc. and everything and sees Maharaj and Muktas. || 82 ||