On the day of Jeth Vad 2nd, Bapasri went to Bhuj and sat in the assembly after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. While katha of Vachanamrt was over, Bapasri said to Purani Kesavpriyadasji, “Purani! Yesterday during the morning katha there was a reference that if one burns the causal body and joins Murti, he will get real happiness.” Purani said, “Bapa! Please burn our causal bodies by your mercy and get us joined in Murti.” Bapasri said, “Where do you have the causal body?” You have been made very big and have been kept in Murti, so always remain in joy.” Bapasri wanted to get it confirmed from Bhogilalbhai. He said, “Yes Bapa! He was great but you met him and showed your mercy so made him very great. We have also been fulfilled.” Bapasri said, “Sriji Maharaj is the giver of fulfilment, whosoever comes under His shelter becomes fulfilled. Just see! In satsang saints, devotees, men women, young, old, etc. are happy because of causal Murti, and enjoy bliss of Murti. Therefore, one should not get oneself lost in activity hither-thither by keeping aside casual Murti. The same matter was referred in Vachanamrt. Vachanamrts are the words uttered from the mouth of Sriji Maharaj. One should get stuck to those words very intensely and obey accordingly. There is nothing like physical, subtle and causal, or present, past and future- one should only think that there is only Murti. There is not anything happier than Maharaj. Those remained in that Murti became happy. He got it confirmed from Purani. Whether it is like that or not!” Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Yes Bapa! It is like that.” At that Bapasri showing his favour said, “Purani! Wherever I am, I will be happy. I may be in forest, mountains, wood, farm, vadi, whatever place it may be, I cannot live alone without Murti. That Murti is mysterious-it cannot be achieved even after doing penance for a long time. Such Sriji Maharaj has been got by us sitting at home- what a great mercy! Navlakha Sages dried their body while doing penance, then once only they had darsan of that Murti, whereas for us woods (temple) have been made in the centre of village and Maharaj has met us sitting at home. Therefore, remain engrossed in that Murti. Where can you get such Maharaj, such saints, such devotees? Therefore, one should be real worthy and associate with great saint i.e. Anadi Maha Mukta and thereby make firm determination of Sriji Maharaj. If one has such determination, I will show them Murti in the palm and make him happy in the happiness of Murti. But if one does not recognise such saints and such mukta, salvation is difficult. If art of satsang becomes handy for jiva, the work will be done. Today god is realised by His grace, He can not be realised by doing means, knowing thus the happiness of divine Murti should be enjoyed. Ultimate liberation is not possible without that Murti. ‘Main hun Aadi Anadi a to sarve upadhi’ (I am adi Anadi (eternal) and everything else is botheration). Saying so, he said that I know everything. Some say that they had very good temple but it is an activity. We should look at the cause i.e. Sriji Maharaj who is in the temple. All happiness lies in that Murti. We are concerned with that only because, ‘sauna karan Sri Hari re’ (the cause of everything is Sriji Hari).”

Then devotees of Madhapur requested Bapasri by saying, “Bapa! You made all happy at Bhuj by showing your mercy, similarly, we have decided to arrange parayana from Jeth Vad 2nd to 9th. We were to come to fetch you from Vrspur but since you have come here we did not come. Now we request you to come at the place of parayana and make all devotees young or old happy by giving your darsan.” Bapasri agreed to come and told them to do brahmayajna in the form of katha-varta. Saying so, he came to Madhapur and made all happy. || 149 ||