On the evening of Fagan Vad 30th, Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath all performed mental worship. Then Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Today there is apparent liberation even though there is physical body. One may do penance for innumerable birth but he will not achieve liberation whereas today there is liberation by observing four vartman (code of conduct). It is as if it has been got without any effort. When one realizes the greatness of Maharaj and Muktas, his faith will increase, he will not care for the strain of his body and also will not care for honour or insult and he will be ready for meditation and service, just as one faces many odds abroad to earn more money. This time and opportunity is very good, achieve it in this period. If there was no opportunity how can there be advantage of katha-varta, etc? Therefore seize the opportunity.”

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is the need of association of Muktas- somebody may feel like that. He may think that he can realize Murti by doing meditation after knowing the greatness from scriptures, whether can he achieve the goal i.e. Murti?” Bapashri replied, “He may see Murti in his heart with the human feeling but he can not realize Murti in his soul. Murti which is the cause of all is bestowed by Muktas, just as the diamond is buried very deep in the ground and the one who knows it will show but other can not get it. Similarly, the one who knows the technique of realising Murti can show how to realize Murti- none else can do it. There are many like body, senses, conscience, temperament, nature, and bad company, etc put hurdle on the path of Jiva while meditating. The goal should be achieved by ignoring all these hurdles. The bad company is like putting up fort in sea and when there is high tide in sea, the fort will crumble. Similarly bad company drives us out from Murti. Therefore if one learns technique from Muktas and meditates, all his hurdles and flaws will be destroyed by Muktas and soon make him attain meditation and will bestow Murti which is goal (karan) that means the personified form of Maharaj will be realized. This opportunity is good, “Jem jal jal kamal na nipje, van van agar na hoi.” You can not find Mukta in every home. Therefore, be conscious. Once this opportunity is lost and then associates with a seeker, nothing can be achieved. “Randine gher mandi gai, te aav bai hu jevi tu tha” Therefore one should sees the opportunity. Just as one gets whatever he desires from chintamani (kind of imaginary gem). Similarly Muktas will bestow Mahaprabhuji’s Murti. For the one who does not do have firm belief for Maharaj and does not know His greatness, if he meditates, he will get darshan through the medium of Mul-Purush. The Murti of that Mul-Purush is like a smooth paper, that means there are no lines in it, whereas Murti of Maharaj is of organs i.e. it has lines (sakar). The one who gets knowledge of Maharaj’s Murti by the grace of Anadi Muktas, Maharaj and Muktas will not make him bound elsewhere. Nobody else can come to give him darshan. Maharaj and Muktas take care of him and they themselves give him darshan. If one associates even for a day with great Muktas with love and with the understanding of their greatness, it will always be useful. Just as if night-blind person consumes two lbs of ghee, light in his eyes will remain for twelve months; similarly there will be intoxication of Muktas’ association. Just as if one understands that Maharaj and Muktas are already with him, bliss of Maharaj and Muktas always remains, but Jiva has much tendency of atheism and he is in association with wicked people so he will be spoiled by bad company. If one sincerely puts efforts and realizes that all his thoughts are known by Maharaj and Muktas, Muktas will make him very happy provided he does it with such restrictions and does it with sincere eagerness. If one meditates at the place where Maharaj and Muktas are seated, Murti will be realized and wherever Maharaj and Muktas have trodden and perform many lilas, Murti will also be realized in that place.

Once Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami came here he said that he wanted to go for darshan to all the places of Kutch where Maharaj had trodden. Then I said, “Swami your body will not be able to bear it and can not go to all the places. Therefore have darshan sitting here only.” No sooner was it said so then Swami saw all the divine places where Maharaj had trodden. Then Swami said that he had darshan of all the places. All those places where Maharaj had trodden for seven years appeared divine luminous.|| 83 ||