On the day of Vaishakh Vad 10th the 51st Vachanamrut of first chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that there lives only Purushottam. Bapashri said, “Maharaj dispersed the crowd and He remained himself and said there is nothing like Akshar , etc. Just as if the nails are taken out from the cart, the cart will be dismantled. Similarly Maharaj made everything false from earth to Mul-Akshar and he himself remains. Therefore we should keep only Maharaj and should stick to Murti but should not leave it, not even for a moment. After becoming saint or satsangi, one should not believe that everything is over and should not be overjoyed means should not waste time in activity.

Mental worship of Maharaj should be performed five times a day and it should be for an hour or half an hour. After two hour again you should do mental worship. If mental worship is done this way you will be busy all the while in Murti. There was a Brahmin name Sukhram in Rampur near Sunth. In the Samvat 1951, I had gone to Amdavad. This Brahmin had come there. He said, “I had come here before. At that time I had brought with me gold ornaments to sell. The price offered was less so did not sell them and taking them back, went into the woods. On the way sat for mental worship. At that time a thief came and opened the beg of ornaments. During that time I was offering food to Maharaj in mental worship. So how was it possible to talk with the thief or how can make sign? So I let the thief go away with the ornaments. The thief had gone away during my mental worship. I abused him and said bloodyfool you ran away while I was feeding Maharaj so let a stone hit your knee and let you be beaten by stick and die. When thief was running away he came across stream and he fell into it and was injured. The same thief was found in an inn in a village. I went there after getting flour from people and recognised the thief. He feared me and returned my ornament. I took them and thief died. I could perform mental worship of Maharaj and also got back my ornaments. Such mental worship should be done. If basket, an axe and a spade is to be shown, he would make sign or wave the hand but would not complete mental worship, and they are called saint, satsangi! Therefore think twice and dwell always in Murti.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji told Bapashri that in Samvat year 1955, in the month of Vaishakh -Jeth he had gone to Lunawada. There, a letter was received from Bapashri informing that he was getting many letters about illness of Ramjibhai and wanted Bapashri to go there for darshan. As such he will have to go to Uperdal and ask Swami to go there. This letter was received on Jeth Sud 11th. Then he thought that he would go after two to four days after the darshan of Sukhrambhai. Then he went to Rampur. There Sukhdevbhakta asked him to stay for ten days. Then Swami told him that Bapashri is going to visit Amdavad, such letter he has received. Therefore he had to leave after two to four days. Then Sukhdevbhakta said to Swami, he would give him permission to leave when Bapashri starts from Vruspur. Swami asked him how he would come to know. He replied that he had no coverings (Aavran) therefore he would be asked to go on the day on which Bapashri starts. When ten days were over, Sukhdevbhakta told Swami in the evening that Bapashri had come to Bhuj from Vruspur today. Swami was asked to prepare his tiffin and to leave in the morning. Swami started in the morning and he reached Uperdal two hours before Bapashri reached there, Swami had his darshan. Such powerful Sukhdevbhakta was. Bapashri said that such gems covered in rags are there in this satsang. ||178 ||