At night Bapasri, sitting on the first floor of temple told Lalubhai that he has developed satsang very much. Lalubhai said to Bapa that it was all because of Sriji Maharaj and very powerful anadi mukta like him. Since he has shown mercy all are experiencing peace. Nobody cares for hunger, tiredness. Bapasri said, “The devotees of this place have much love. Residing in such region and keep such satsang is possible only if there is pleasure of Maharaj and muktas. You have also put much efforts. How Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Amichandbhai and all young or old devotees, masons of Sorath, Kanabis of Kutch and woodcutter, etc. have become very humble. These attributes are seen because of love for lot of katha-varta. He who is eager for katha-varta, meditation, bhajan, has much pleasure of Maharaj as well great muktas. He who gets the pleasure of Maharaj and great muktas is fulfilled of his means. By that pleasure he reaches in the happiness of Murti with his physical body. There is Aksardham, Svetdwipa, etc. everything at our place. What is Svetdwipa? The one who does mental worship five times remembering Maharaj and muktas gets darsan of Maharaj five times- it is Svetdwipa. The other incarnations are all because of Maharaj’s power. We have got very great achievement is Maharaj. His mercy is also very much. Just see! Such big Lord talks with us, gives prasadi etc. how much mercy! Maharaj and His Anadi muktas are so capable that they can take us to Aksardham by their one sankalpa only. Therefore, get attached to great Anadi. Various kinds of happiness comes from Murti. Though billions of years may pass in enjoying this happiness, it will have no end. The enjoyment of that happiness is wonderful and has been got by their grace. That happiness we should enjoy. Maharaj says that He has kept the door of liberation open. He further says that He has gone nowhere and He is as He is. Moreover, the one who listens to the words of His great muktas, serves them, pleases them, will be benefited. Such opportunity is available in this Bharatkhanda even then if it is not seized what is the use of this human body? If one gets attached to Murti by experiential knowledge, he will reach Aksardham by overtaking infinite cosmoses and maya. He who has met Swaminarayana has nothing to do with the honour or prestige of this world. He should opt for muktas. Muktas are constantly attached to Murti. We think that they are sitting, sleeping, etc. but do not think like that. Always have divine feeling. The body, which is seen is only pretext. By showing divine feeling for such great muktas, one can become divine. We think that since their body is made of five elements, they need food, that much we have human feeling for them, but muktas are always in Murti and get the realisation of Murti to many and by becoming an ordinary human being, they accept service of many. That service becomes divine by the relationship with Murti. It is got by devotees. Therefore, never have human feeling for great muktas. Muktas are always divine like Maharaj; so attachment with such muktas should not be given up. How can one get such opportunity of sitting with great muktas? Who else will allow you to sit? This jiva will not get chance even to sit in the shoes of Anadi muktas who enjoys happiness remaining absorbed in Murti. They, by showing their mercy welcome us, offer a seat- thus they have kept open all doors of Aksardham. Know thus and never imagine human feeling in any form for muktas. ‘Purusottam vivah thayo subh Bharatkhandaman aj’ (today Lord Purusottam has incarnated in this auspicious Bharatkhanda). Similarly, we are associated with Him so we all are secured and have become one with Him.” ||85 ||