Once at night in Chhapayia at the time of sleeping Premji Bhakta of Narayanpur had sankalpa that when Bapasri started from Kutch for coming to Chhapayia, he wanted to go to Amdavad and return to Kutch, instead he came here, so this will require some more days to return. Moreover Premji Bhakta thought that he had not informed his sons so what would happen to the work of the farm? At that time Bapasri asked him to get up because he wanted to have bath. He got up and Bapasri walked towards the main gate. Premjibhai said that the main gate was closed. Therefore, take bath at the well which is inside. Bapasri said to him, “Close your eyes so he closed them. Then he was told to open and he opened them, and he saw that they were on the shore of Narayana Sarovar.” He said to Bapasri to change clothes and he would go to fetch water in a vessel. Bapasri told him to sit because the air is cool and calm. In the meanwhile a aeroplane came rapidly from the sky and landed on the shore. Bapasri sat in it and asked Premjibhai to sit, so he also sat. Then the aeroplane flew and in two minutes they were in Narayanpur in Premjibhai’s farm. There, his sons prostrated before Bapasri and met. Premjibhai was looking on. At that time Bapasri told to Premjibhai’s sons that there would be famine in this year so do not sow other farms excepting the farm which has the bore. Saying so, they sat in aeroplane and within a minute they came in the square of the temple of Chhapayia. As soon as they got off the aeroplane disappeared. Then Bapasri came to his seat and slept and asked Premjibhai if his sankalpa was realised. Premjibhai said that it was realised and you had made it true. When they came back to Kutch from Chhapaiya, Premjibhai’s sons told him that he and Bapasri had come to their farm about fifteen days ago at night then again where both of you had gone? Premjibhai said that Bapasri had brought them there by his supernatural power. || 12 ||