On the day of Vaishakh Vad 4th the 5th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. There is a reference in it that one should side with God’s devotee but should not side with him who is averse. Bapashri said, “The one who is the follower of Shriji Maharaj but does not follow the norms of religion as told by Shriji Maharaj should be known averse. The one who sides with irreligious person will become averse either in this birth or in the next birth. Therefore one should not side with irreligious person. By not siding with him, the sky is not going to fall and if you leave Shriji Maharaj you will not get salvation. The one who has firm determination in his soul for Shriji Maharaj and for his great Muktas and he is without ego can side with dharma. Swami Vrundavandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji took the responsibility on their shoulders by my order for keeping the side of deva and for the property in the name of God but did not keep ego at all. Therefore you should be courageous so that Maharaj will do good and should not fear that he would not be allowed to stay in the temple or will not give food, clothes, etc. the side of God should be kept even if there is danger to life. If you do so Shreji Maharaj will be pleased but should not form a party and should not keep the side of the party and keeps side with dharma. If one sides with the party and gives up dharma, he will definitely become averse.in this birth or in the next birth even if he is the devotee of Shriji Maharaj, so be careful. Behave in such a way so that if you want to go Bapashri’s abode, it will not be far away. The duty of guru is to make his disciple dharma, knowledge, renunciation and devotion realized. I have given four saints viz Shree Krishnadasji, Yogeswardasji, Muktajivandasji and Ramkrishnadasji to Sadguru Shree Nirgundasji Swami. How firm their saintliness has been made by that Swami! Similarly guru should make his disciple follow Dharma firmly and give him knowledge. Even a dull student becomes scholar (pandit) by going to school. Similarly the one who becomes saint after coming to us he should be taught good virtues like dharma, knowledge, etc. I had ordered my children to sit till chestas Pade (devotion song describing Maharaj’s daily activites) are finished. So they never miss the rule even if there is any kind of work. They till the land produce grain and worship God. Whereas children of some people used to put flowers in their ears and some of them are in Mandvi, some in Karanchi, some in Calcuatta and some in Africa. They do not know any thing about katha, varta, darshan of saints etc. They have become averse to satsang. Therefore whosoever comes under our fold should be kept under strict rules. Swami Ramkrishnadasji disciple of Swami Nirgundasji had gone for the darshan of Thakorji in the temple of Amdavad. When he sat for mental and worship fell asleep.He woke up late.Then came to his asana (place for his stay). Swami scolded him very much. Similarly disciple’s place should be near his guru but if both of them away from each other, how can one know what they are doing. Therefore disciple should be near his guru. Just as calf of the cow is near her, similarly the guru should keep his disciple near him. At night the fire which is lamp should be kept as a witness but should not sleep without the lamp. If there is the lamp, no one can play mischief but if both of them are not near it will so happen that when guru is doing katha his disciple may be asleep somewhere else and guru will not be able to take his care. What kind of virtues will the disciple get? Please do not take it ill. I am speaking by the wish of Mahaprabhuji but not without any reason. Just see Jadbharat had to take three births therefore be alert. For him deer was of different race, he had no self in it even then he was bound. The renouncer has many places for attachment like godadi (small mattress), tumbdi (wooden pot), ashan-place, pataro (big box), books, guru, disciple, etc. He may be sitting here but his thoughts may be in Amdavad or Muli where he has his patara (box) and he may say something to his disciple, he may be sitting in this assembly but would go secretly somewhere. Here there was a kanabi named Savlo. He would tell people that there was a thief and then would move around in the farm and in refuge. Then he would say that the thief had run away from this farm. Thus he would cheat people. Similarly passion, anger, etc are enemies they make Jiva move about in refuge in the form of illusion but Jiva does not recognize it. We have become saint so what can enemies like passion, etc do? Knowing thus if one become careless, those enemies may take him away somewhere else.Once a thief entered a house of bania. His wife told him that the thief had entered the house, he said that he was awake. Then she said the thief had broken the box, then also bania said that he was awake. Then again she said that the thief had stolen valuables from the box-again he said he was awake but did not get up and then repented and said that he had been looted. Thus it will happen, therefore you should be alert and should not keep attachment in anything like Food and Drinks etc. Only, keep attachment in Murti and when there is desire for passion he should know that he is like yaksha-demon and when you are annoyed with some object, disciple, place (asana), food etc. you should know that you are like a snake. Therefore passion, anger etc. should be avoided and become saint but should not surrender to nature and such nature should be avoided. Swami Achyutdasji had to walk for to eight miles (five gao) even then he would remain peaceful-be like him. || 202 ||