On the 3rd day of Vaishakh Vad Bapashri graced the village of Kera by his visit. While coming from Kera to Vrushpur he took bath in the water of river of Kera. From there, he sent Purani Dharmakishordasji of Muli and another saint to temple of Vrushpur to fetch saints viz. Vrundavandasji, Ishwarcharandasji, Purani Krushnajivandasji, Harivallabhdasji etc., and devotees namely Pranshankarbhai etc., and made them sit in the prasadi water of the river and bathed them by pouring river water with his hands and touched their heads and backs with his hands and said, “Since you all have come in heat and have felt much heat of the sun so I made you cold.” Then he poured water in the mouths of all saints from the gourd with his own hands and asked them to stretch their hands and he poured water in their hands and blessed that their thoughts for worldly things will stop. Then again he poured water in their hands and blessed that all would get ultimate liberation. Then he bathed them with the river water with his hands. Moreover, he poured water from pots on behalf of those who had love and attachment but were unable to come. Then he blessed all saints by saying, “All of you who poured river water on me as well as poured water on behalf of all others will get ultimate liberation in this birth itself.” Then he poured river water on all saints on behalf of those saints who had not come and made all of them sit in the neck-deep water.

Then Swami Vrundavandasji asked, “How do Muktas take happiness?” Then Bapashri keeping his fingers upright in the water and making the movement replied, “Muktas play in Murti and enjoy in this way and enjoy happiness continuously. Just as fishes play in water, similarly Muktas play in the happiness of Murti.” After this talk, he made them meditate keeping their souls in Murti- just as their bodies were kept in water. After half an hour he woke them up from meditation, and he himself went into the deep water and after playing in the water came out and met every body standing in the waist-deep water. Keeping them in water he made them sing devotional song, “Jamunama zile re sunder Shamlo re” (beautiful Shyam -Lord Krushna- plays in the river Jamuna). When the stanza of the poem viz. “Zini zini bund pade chhe meghni re” came (droplets of slow rainfall are falling in the river), he sprinkled water and said, “The rain has come!” Then coming out of water he made them sit for mental worship. After mental worship he met every one. Then they started for Kera and on the way he said, “Purani Dharmakishordasji brought all of you from Vrushpur. I shall give to all the fruit of Rampur’s katha, kalash of Bhuj and super-human deeds performed in this river.” Then the saints requested, “That fruit should be given to the devotees who arranged for our train journey.” Then Bapashri said, “That fruit would be given to the devotee who had paid the rail fare.” Then he said to the saints, “You should also give me the fare.” Saints replied that they had no knowledge of the cost of the fare to be given. Bapashri replied, “Shriji Maharaj gives as much happiness for liberating a soul as thousand times more than the happiness taken by Anadi Muktas of the highest state from Murti. Saints replied, “This happiness can be given by none other than Mahaprbhuji, because you have sent innumerable souls, innumerable gods in the form of Mul-Purush, innumerable Vasudevbrahms, and innumerable Mul-Akshars by liberating them in the happiness of Murti of Shriji Maharaj, and the fare of it will be beyond limit and this can only be given by Shriji Maharaj.” Talking thus they came to Kera and prostrated before God and met everyone. Then he went to the dining hall for lunch and came to the temple after lunch. After meeting all he started on the way to Vrushpur and said, “Whosoever remembers this super-human deeds performed in the river will be lucky enough to avoid worldly thoughts.” Talking thus he came to Vrushpur. || 3 ||