In the afternoon of Jeth Sud 4th, Bapashri along with saints and devotees went to kakarwadi for bathing. After bathing they performed mental worship. Then they offered millet ponkh and sugar to Thakorji (God) and its Prasad was distributed among all saints. Then he asked all the saints, “How much difference did you all find by this association?” Each of them narrated the difference that came from association. Then Bapashri gave a boon by saying that work of all either small or big will be done by him equally -there will be no distinction between small and big. All will get equal happiness. Take it for granted that this is your last birth. After blessing them all prostrated before one another. From there they went to the temple. Bapashri said, “You all had come when millet grew and had said that millet ponkh be fed to you and allow us to go elsewhere. Ponkh was fed to you, now go to Narayanpur; I shall come there in the morning. All saints and devotees went to Narayanpur and Bapashri reached there next day i. e. on Sud 6th . In the evening they went to bathe in the farm of Narayanpur temple. After bathing they perform mental worship among the crop of Premjibhai’s millet and came back to temple. On the second day i.e. Sud 5th they went to bathe in the temple farm, there they bathed and performed mental worship. Then Premjibhai brought millet ponkh and gave it to all. From there they went to temple. Hear Bapashri told all saints, “If you start late in the night, you will not have darshan of Swami Aksharjivandasji in Madhapar. He will leave early in the morning for Bhuj. If you start early in the night at ten o’clock he will be available. Then all saints started at night. At that time Bapashri said, “I have given you much happiness during this trip. Then saints and devotees started and reached Madhapar early in the morning. Swami Shri Aksharjivandasji who was ready to go to Bhuj stayed there and made arrangements for meals. After offering to Thakorji (God) all started. Swami reached Bhuj and saints and devotees came to Gujarat via Sinogra. || 42 ||