On the noon of Chaitra Sud 9th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in assembly, what is the way to get the state like that of Swami Achyutdasji?” Bapashri replied, “The one who keeps constant vruti (tendency of mind) in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti will achieve that state alternatively by getting the pleasure of very great Mukta. Once Santdasji and Swarupanandj Swami went to Achyutdasji’s house at village Dhrufi while going from place to place. They were hungry for last two days and father of Achyutdasji was not at home. Therefore Achyutdasji brought necessary things like grains, pulses, vegetables, water, firewood, etc., for preparing food and gave them. The thal was offered to Thakorji and his Prasad was taken. Then they were pleased with the boy and asked him to ask for anything and he would get it. Then Achyutdasji said to give him whatever was dear to them. Then Muktas said that he would achieve the same state as that of theirs. At the very moment sight of Achyutdasji became coverless (niravaran). Once his parents were going to Gadhada for Shriji Maharaj’s darshan and took him with them. After covering the distance of 24 miles his parents thought that the son would not be able to walk, so he should be sent back. Then they gave him ghasiyo (sweet prepared from wheat flour) and told him that he would not be able to walk and go back home and eat this tiffin on the way. Then he came back home but did not show eagerness to go with them, because he was constantly seeing Maharaj. Such status can be achieved by the grace of Muktas. Then Swami said that in Samvat 1929, Swami Achyutdasji had come to Amdavad and he was provided accommodation on the third floor of the assembly hall. There Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami asked him, “After how many years did you come for samaiya (religious festival)?” He replied that after thirteen years. Then Swami said that he had come after many years. Then Achyutdasji Swami said, “Swami! Because of your grace my coverings have been removed from very young age. I can see and hear every thing which is being said and talked in the assemblies of all the temples, so I do not come.” Thus he described his state. Then Bapashri said, “This can happen only by the grace of Muktas.” After completing the talk jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami was made and blessed the assembly, ‘let this assembly free from cultures of illusion.’ || 144 ||