On the morning of Posh Sud 2nd, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The seed of banyan tree is small like the grain of poppy seed, which can be pulled out by our hands but when banyan tree grows it spreads in half an acre. There was banyan in Lakhaiwadi, when it fell, three hundreds kori were spend to remove it. Lord Swaminarayan is a cause of all. He is like a human being but His work is of infinite Brahmand (Cosmos). After becoming Saint or satsangi, it is not good to quarrel over trivial things. The thing of prasad i.e. Charnarvind which is within, nothing should be required from outside. Therefore, be alert. He may be sacrifice his life for politics but he would not do anything for Lord Swaminarayan whom we have met. Remove the coat in the form of body so that Jiva becomes form of body and Maharaj will become his soul. Seva (service) is divine by which God and His saint can be got by less efforts. If you offer meals to a saint, infinite Muktas and Maharaj also take meal along with the saint. Somebody told Lalubhai to say Swmainarayan. He said, “It is better to sing devotional song from vocal cords than by mouth. Even better than i.e. to sing in heart and even better than that is to sing from navel because thought arises from navel- and they stop by singing devotional songs from navel and even better than that to imagine Murti in soul and better than that to take happiness of Murti by getting engrossed in Murti. Then further said that he has reached that stage because of the grace of Bapashri. What is the use of it if he takes the support of attribute of illusion? So do not remain without Murti- be alert. All of you do not give up Murti. || 249 ||