In the morning of Aso Sud 5th, the assembly of Bapasri, saints and devotees had taken place in the temple of Sri Rampur. In the assembly the 1st Vachanamrt of Jetalpur Chapter was being read. In it, there is reference about a mukta who has met God. Bapasri asked, “Would there be any one here who has met Maharaj?” Saying so he himself said, “Those who dwell in Murti are said to have met God. Some renouncers and householders, as they cannot see with their physical eyes, say that in present time how can there be those who have met Maharaj? But today, there are many who have met God. Maharaj and muktas are always certainly present in Satsang. There is no doubt about it. Today Sriji Maharaj Himself sits in the centre and muktas are sitting surrounding Him. Therefore, they are always manifest. If one sees with his inner eyes and keeps faith in Maharaj and muktas, it will be his last birth. Such is the time and opportunity. These talks come from this gaumukhi.”

On the very day Bapasri showing his favour, talked at noon, “Aksardham, Maharaj and those who have met Him are already here but some have no capacity to see them- means such abode, such muktas, such Maharaj are seated visibly- even then they are not fulfilled therefore they have no capacity. Nothing can be gained by reading only scriptures without such association. If this knowledge is taken, one can become perfect. Such meaning in the divine perspective (parbhav) cannot be given even by great learned, pandits. Such experienced saint can do it. After this talk Vachanamrt was being read. In it, there was a talk about Galav king. Bapasri asked saints, “Who should be known as syamkarana horses and Galav king?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! This Vachanamrt is Varuna, knowledge is horse and jiva is Galav king and guru is eagle. When one gets guru, he will explain knowledge from Vachanamrt in the form of Varuna and liberates.” Bapasri said, “You gave true answer. If such answers are not done in this assembly, where can they take place?” Then Bapasri said, “For those who are the enjoyers of happiness of visible (pragat) He is visible (pragat); and for those who are not enjoyers of happiness of visible, He is invisible (paroksa). All incarnations, Badrikasram, Svetdwipa, and Aksardham are sitted here. There is no part of maya in it. Sukdevji was known as very great but when he came in satsang he became mukta. Today some from Isvarkoti, some from Brahmakoti, and some from Aksarkoti have come. Today they are sitting in the assembly of Aksardham. Those who become of Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana takes care of them.” At that time, Lalsankarbhai came. Bapasri praised him, moved his hand on his head and said that he is my sepoy.” Then being prayed by the devotees of Godpur, Bapasri along with saints went to the village Godpur. || 22 ||