In Samvat 1983, on the day of Bhadarva Sud 9th Swami Isvarcharanadasji received a telegram from Bapasri; so Swamisri, Swami Vrndavandasji, etc. went to Sinogara from Gujarat. There katha came to an end on the day of Vad 1st. On the next day, Bapasri along with the saints went to Bhuj. There, on the occasion of katha Bapasri said in the assembly, “This assembly is divine. Maharaj and his Anadi muktas are without attributes. This assembly has unity with Maharaj. The place where these great saints go is very lucky. This time is very rare. This assembly belongs to Aksardham. It is said by Maharaj. If such greatness is known nothing remains to be known.” Thus many talks were given. Then he asked all the saints “Come to Narayanapur after pleasing Bhogilalbhai, Ghelabhai, Dhanjibhai, Valjibhai Lalsankarbhai and all devotees. I will also come there.” Saying so he came to Vrspur. On the next day, saint Bhaktipriyadasji went to Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji and requested them with folded hands that some did not understand what they said in the assembly. Swami said that unless it was understood, the cycle of birth and death would not be over. At that time Bhogilalbhai who was sitting there said, “What is there in the talks of these sadgurus that you are confused? We properly understand these talks because Bapasri has explained to us all these talks. Therefore, we pray to sadgurus to deliver these talks everywhere. These sadgurus are such that by only their darsan wretched and fallen jivas are liberated and are taken up to the bliss of Sriji Maharaj. You are confused in the talks because these talks are beyond your understanding; but unless these talks are understood, ultimate liberation is not possible.” He was told thus so he could not speak. Then both these sadgurus talked about the supernatural powers of Maharaj and muktas during the katha of Vachanamrt. Thereafter there was question and answer session so devotees were much pleased. This was the regular feature till these saints stayed in Bhuj.

On the day of Bhadarva Vad 9th, all the saints went to Narayanapur. On the next day i.e. on Vad 10th, Bapasri also came to Narayanapur. From there on the day of Ekadasi, saints went to Bharasar and on the day of Vad 12th, Bapasri went to Bharasar on horseback in hot sun and reached Bharasar at 2.0 p. m. At that time Bapasri said, “I have done much penance. You come here across the sea from a long distance for me- I know it well. I am not faithless. I go after you by bearing hot sun.” Then Bapasri offered meals to Ṭhakorji at the insistence of the saints and devotees. Then holding hands of Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Bapasri got up and while moving here and there in the temple he would move his hand on the stomach and would say to Swami,

“Because of your insistence and love Maharaj has been fed much today.” || 17 ||