On the morning of Jeth Vad 1st, the 41st, Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that devotion of God is not liked without honour. Then Bapashri said, “Honour, passion, anger, jealousy etc. enemies. If one keeps their company, he will suffer and power of enemies will increase. If someone wishes to repent and saint guides him how to repent, even then if the person doing repentance gives honour to one having pride will give him support and plead on his behalf by saying that he would not do repentance. Such favourism for irreligious activity is found in the person having pride. Therefore, enemies should be done away with and one should engross in God’s Murti.

I (Bapashri) had been to Kunbhariya. There was a bava (sadhu) at Jayrambhai Mistry’s house. That sadhu asked me, “Who should be called a saint?” I told him to give the answer by himself. Then that sadhu said, “Manku chhuta muke, so sant kahiye” (The one who let loose the mind is called a saint). Then I told Jayrambhai just see! How he talks! Then Jayrambhai asked sadhu to keep quiet. Then that sadhu kept quiet- such things go on in this world.

In Sinogara there was a person named Kalo Mistry who was brahmagyani. A sadhu ran away with his son’s wife, even then he keeps such sadhu in his house. Because when I went Sinogara second time, I saw another sadhu in his house. Such person gives so much importance to guru that even the guru is passionate, he should be known as Shree Krishna and if he is hot tempered, he should be known as Nrusinji and if he is greedy, he should be known as Vamanji. For Swaminarayan’s saint, he would say that he is not practical because he runs away from woman and wealth. Those Mistry persons thoroughly know the greatness of our saints but would not take refuge under them and they would not love for real thing and would not have trust. The mother of Harjibhai and Govabhai used to spent two to four thousand kories every year on sadhus. Harjibhai and Govabhai would say that they were helpless. They would say that it is waste but if they did not give the old woman (mother) would humiliate them. In Kumbharia there was Jagmal, brother of Valjibhai Mistry. I and saint told him that Shriji Maharaj is the husband of Radhika-Laxmi but he said no. Then Valjibhai told him, “I would permit Yamraj (god of death) to take Jagmal in yampuri and you would be taken there because you do not call Swaminarayan as God.

Some satsangis are very rich in physical world and also in satsang and Shriji Maharaj has given them much wealth, they spent at both places- in satsang and in other sect (paroksha) but they spent it fearing criticism. We should not do like this. The followers of Shriji Maharaj should spend only in this satsang so that Maharaj and Muktas will be pleased and will get happiness of Murti.

There is Morar Thakker in Viramgam. He had twenty one thousand rupees. He spends only in satsang and would not spend a single pai elsewhere. He would say my money is for Swaminarayan and His saints and nobody has share in it. When his daughters and son-in-laws came, he would feed them and would say whatever he has it is for Swaminarayan and His saints. Therefore, I would spent with my own hands in satsang and would go to Akshardham. Therefore do not wish anything from it. In the famine of fifty six (samvat 1956) he came to Amdavad temple and said that he had twenty one thousand rupees and they are theirs. Therefore saints whether two or four hundread come to Viramgam and dine there and worship God and make others worship God. Such was his greatness. He never showed his reputation elsewhere except in satsang. Therefore, one should become such satsangi.

From the time when vow of vartman is taken, everything i.e. body, mind,wealth, karama of many births are surrendered to swaminarayan, from then onwards Swaminarayan became the master and how can one give to others when the master is Swaminarayan. Even then some spent in paroksha (in other sect) because of the honour. Because of honour they cannot tolerate the reputation of big people. When in the Samvat year 1972 in the month of Chaitra we were going to Chhapaiya, some persons made propaganda against the pilgrimage, Gangji Patel asked to go back to Kutch and not to Chhapaiya, so I called back Dhanji Patel who had gone to Siddhpur. He came to Amdavad. Then all decided to go back. Then I said Shriji Maharaj incarnated for the liberation of souls. He was insulted by devilish persons even then he did not go back leaving aside the work of liberation. Similarly we will go to Chhapaiya. Because we have come for Chhapaiya and would not stop even then stopped by someone. Then we went to Chhapaiya. There Acharya Vasudevprasadji Maharaj had come. There Parayan was arranged and Murti of Ghanshyam Maharaj was installed and made the programme very successful. || 186 ||