On the morning of Jeth Sud 2nd, the 7th Vachanamrut of Loya was being read in the assembly. In it, it was said that senses, conscience and experience -all the three together make one realize God. Then only there will be ultimate liberation.

Purani Hariprasaddasji said, “When Maharaj was there we could see Him with senses but if we want to see Him now with senses how we can perceive it.” Bapashri replied, “When Shriji Maharaj intended that He should be seen as a human being, He was seen as a human being. Similarly, His second intension was that He should be seen as Murti. Therefore today He is visible as Murti. His darshan should be made through senses and greatness of His Murti should be known through Muktas in conscience, and this Murti we should see in the soul during meditation. When it is seen in the soul, there will be liberation. In case no darshan can be had in the soul, there will be salvation provided there is thorough knowledge of Shriji Maharaj’s form. Similarly, if Muktas are met and they are recognise as what they are, it will lead to welfare, so Maharaj should be known as Maharaj and Muktas as Muktas, this will lead to welfare. If Maharaj Him self meets in the form of human being, there will be salvation and when He appears as Murti, His Param Ekantik Muktas who are kept in His court meet us and they explain the importance of Murti and liberate us. Anadi Muktas and Shriji Maharaj are one like ripples. If there are no Muktas, welfare is even done through Pratima but there will be delay. Therefore, when this Mukta come on this earth, we should associate with them by recognising them. To know Mukta is very difficult. We should associate with such Mukta who has been qualified by all satsang and should also be old in age-but never haphazardly. Those who are attached elsewhere without Maharaj and Muktas are sure to be put into trouble. Therefore, association should be done after recognising Muktas because some may not be mumukshu (desirous of salvation), may not be passionate, may not be insignificant and pretend to be Anadi Mukta and if we associate with them knowing them as Muktas, it will be ridiculous for the one who associates. Now, the question arises why they have become Muktas. The answer is because they want to get honour, want to be worshipped and to satisfy the passion but not for the purpose of salvation. Those who get attached to such deceitful Muktas by trusting them will face adversity. Here one may doubt how it is possible for insignificant person to become Mukta. The reply is that formerly he might be devotee and possessed knowledge, renunciation, devotion, etc in small proportion. On account of these virtues he may believe himself to be perfect but has no proper knowledge so he becomes rude by ignorance and he has no value for saint or satsangi. Because of honour he will not associate with great Muktas by becoming their servant. He tries to get knowledge from scriptures with his intellect but does not understand the principle of scriptures and starts preaching others the knowledge which he has understood in his own way. If true Muktas explain to him, he will not believe because of the pride. He will tread on the wrong path and make innumerable devotees tread on the same path so he will face the anger of Shriji Maharaj and all satsangi’s. As a result his intellect will become polluted and his passion will increase, and will violate vartman so his intellect will corrupt and will act as Brahmrakshas. If one does not give up his importance and continue to associate with him, he is fool. In case that Mukta has given my acquaintance but if he goes on wrong path and becomes rude, devotee should disassociate from him.

Those who behave as servant in satsang will go up on the ladder if Maharaj is kept together and behaviour is like that of a servant it will be very beneficial. In the beginning pony runs very fast but it becomes very tired afterwards whereas the kuntal horse gets more strength as it goes on and on and ultimately it overtakes all the horses. Similarly, those who are not Muktas and become Muktas will no longer be able to deceive others and will have to retreat. On the other hand those who are real Muktas become famous day by day but do not retreat. If one associate with them will become Mukta like them, but those who are not Muktas and have become so forcefully violating vartman and asking devotees to meditate on them, will never be able to end their misery, even after thousand of ages. Whereever they go they are greeted with three dishes-hunger, misery and beating. Akshardham is miles away from them. When they die, they become Brahmrakshas and become very miserable. Their devotees also face the same fate. Therefore, before associating with Muktas be sure and then only accept him. The one who is not Mukta and says that he is Mukta should be known as a great sinner. The one who tells the devotee to meditate on him, taking him as God should be known as greater sinner than the aforesaid one. One should not see his face and if such person gives the boon that he would come to take the dying person to Akshardham should be taken as false and such person should be discounted. || 37 ||