Once Bapasri said in assembly, “Bliss of happiness emits like jet from Murti.” ‘Amrutna sidhu ooltya re, rangdani vali chhe rel Purusottam pragti re’ (sea of nectar is flooded, flood of joy is spread- Lord Purusottam has taken incarnation). In this yajna Maharaj makes all happy by giving darsan along with infinite muktas so all are joyful. From morning 4.00a.m., the word Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana is being chanted. The same mantra is chanted on the well. No place can be found in the temple or in the porch or the square for performing puja. Several devotees perform their puja in the farms after taking bath. At the time of katha devotees overcrowd the temple, the porch, and the square. When katha comes to end devotional songs are sung. When the drums are played it seems there is Jay ghosh of dandubhi (a kind of musical instrument) on the path of sky. Some miracles are taking place in the early morning as well at night. Many get darsan of Maharaj either in dreams or in awakening state-how?-as if Sriji Maharaj shines in the assembly, katha is going on, riding on Manki (name of mare), Maharaj visits to give darsan at the dining place, sitting with bare chested, having tilak of sandalwood paste on the forehead, covered with garlands of roses or jasmine, sometimes sleeping under canopy of cloth (chandni) in the square-in such different ways saints and devotees get darsan. Some talk about that darsan in the assembly. Such mercy has been shown by Maharaj in this yajna. When Chunilalbhai of Sayla was sitting in assembly Maharaj gave him darsan sitting on the cot in front.” Bapasri suggested to ask Lalubhai of Karachi. “When I was performing puja in the morning he came to me and said that today Sriji Maharaj was sitting in the assembly on mattresses and cushion and had worn golden clothes and luminescence emitted like jet from Murti. The whole assembly was luminous. Maharaj was giving gentle smile looking at the assembly- He called near Him and put His hand on his head. At that time there was a big garland of roses round His neck and there was much fragrance in that garland. Saints and devotees were constantly looking at Maharaj in the assembly. Thus Sriji Maharaj has shown unlimited mercy in this yajna so all are happy. You saints keep awake round the clock. Devotees from Bhuj, other villages and from various places have already come and all feel joyous. Devotees like Nagjibhai and Bhurabhai whose state is the highest act covering bliss of Murti. You saints also do not make it known. But this Lalubhai who is my trustworthy reveals to me and sometimes tells it to saints and devotees in joyous mood. Devotees of Malaniyad, Meda, Manipara, Josipara, etc. do much seva in this yajna by remaining alert. All are diligent and have knowledge of greatness. They were all in charge of hoj of Siro in the yajna of Muli. Among them Chaturbhai was blissful and having high state but would not let others know. Mansukhbhai of Saravala and Ratilalbhai of Jamnagar were hard of hearing but had much love. Bhogilalbhai, Dhanjibhai, Valjibhai, Nanalalbhai, Lalsankarbhai, Motibhai, their sons and Vithaljibhai, etc. of Bhuj are very powerful. Group (sangh) of Karachi all have faith, young or old all behave according to commands. Devotees of this region (Kutch) also do much service knowing greatness. All are eager for the pleasure of Maharaj. I am also very much pleased seeing their love. This time I thought that I should invite saints, devotees and perform brahmayajna in the form of katha-varta and make all happy in the happiness of Murti. I have no other work- that is the only work. Some do not understand such talks so they are left out at this time. This benefit is rare for them to get. In the low tide the sea draws away whatever thing comes in it-similarly, I want to draw all whosoever comes in this opportunity in Murti. This time Maharaj has not taken into account whether he is worthy or unworthy. The resolution of Anadi muktas of Maharaj is also the same. In their sight there is nothing excepting Murti. You all saints are doing the same task but you act hiding your capacity-who else can know that but by the grace of Maharaj I know it. I just think that no sooner does one fold hands, I make him fulfilled means put him in the bliss of Murti but jivas have lost their track because of ignorance from time immemorial. They have become dependent on maya so poor being, how can they know about this divine happiness.” || 137 ||