At night Bapasri, saints and many devotees were sitting on the upper storey of the temple. Bapasri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Even though they sit in the assembly in the presence of great muktas and Maharaj, they do not have the feeling of greatness for great muktas and Maharaj, it is regretted. For introverts it is not far even an atom. For extroverts it is far, far away. At this time this is very good opportunity and the adviser is also capable. To get such opportunity again is rare. The determination of jiva is not as much as the sankalpas arising in the mind- senses are the inner faculty (antahkarana).” Then Bapasri said, “A devotee requested Bapasri to come to his village first when he visited Gujarat; but he did not stay with me and left. He even did not stay for two days. Thus, jiva has no understanding of greatness. The happiness is only at the disposal of Murti and great Anadi muktas. Just see! Many wander and suffer much but do not understand. All want Maharaj but muktas must be recognised. Swami like Nirgundasji used to come to me. Similarly, we should associate and attach too. The principle of Maharaj and great muktas should strictly be followed and it should be continued. One should always be in proper region, good time, good activity and good company. We should firmly keep refuge in Murti. One should know his own mistake and avoid it. In this satsang there are innumerable devotees and they are all, because of Maharaj, and satsang is like a kalpataru. Sriji Maharaj swearingly said that these are all muktas of Aksardham and showed them. Maharaj is divine, satsang is divine therefore there is nothing which can be compared with this assembly. Nobody will say that the prince is not a king. Similarly, bring divine feeling. If one does not have divine feeling, it is loss for him. Maharaj is Anadi and muktas also Anadi- Maharaj continuously gives them various kinds of happiness. As one goes on getting happiness, his thirst is not quenched- it is indescribable supernatural happiness. Thousands of years may pass but there is no satisfaction. Recognising such muktas is as difficult as climbing the mountain. To be free from death and deeds, we should stick to such muktas. We are lucky to have such real mukta even though jiva wanders elsewhere. If we look at the ability of muktas, much can be understood. Why are we making unnecessary efforts? This is for making ourselves fresh from the tiredness of innumerable births. Looking at the assembly Bapasri said such is the saint to explain but jiva does not recognise such muktas and shows its own importance so nothing can be done therefore remain as a clerk. Anadi muktas of Maharaj have such capacity that they give happiness of Murti to billions of people. It is known to those who know it. Great Anadi muktas prevail in happiness of Murti. Innumerable people are sent to Aksardham by warship. If one gets attached to such great muktas, he will be free from doubt. Maharaj and great Anadi muktas have caught hold of our hand which will never be left. By the power of Murti supernatural knowledge is achieved but without his acquaintance and without happiness, how can love be developed? We come together for katha-varta and it is only for the purpose of salvation. For great muktas there is no age limit, no death, no deeds, no day, no night it is just the same, as there is no night for the one who sits in the chariot of the sun. All have been engrossed in happiness of Purusottamnarayana’s Murti- such saints are Anadi muktas. The whole assembly is constant and wherever it sees there is Murti. Such muktas go on taking happiness from Murti and remaining engrossed in it. Since this is the divine assembly, do not regret. We have got Maharaj and great muktas, it is victory. If it remains like this at the time of end, it is enough. At this time, Murti is realised. This is not possible even after billions of births. This all happiness is because of Murti. The joy is so much that we forget our body even then it is not understood. We do not have the knowledge even of our home. As and when there is nearness of Murti, rituals should be done more. If we keep Sriji Maharaj and great muktas with us, there would not be any obstacles. Muktas have as much capacity as God has. Luminous Murti twinkles. Anadi muktas dwell in it. They enjoy various kinds of happiness in every pore remaining engrossed in it. It is such that it cannot be understood by the aid of scriptures or by any one’s telling. There are various kinds of happiness in Murti- such is the greatness of Maharaj. We should keep the real knowledge of Murti. Saints and devotees, all should be known as divine. Contemplation should also be in the same way. While sitting in Master’s house behaviour should also be according to the wish of Master; otherwise He would drive us out. If the water of anadi mukta’s bath is put on the head by knowing greatness, five great sins will be burnt. Such muktas should be recognised but maya in the form of sin changes the jiva, confuses it, makes it doubtful and separates it from the assembly. Therefore, commands of Maharaj should be obeyed properly; so maya does not become an obstacle. Remember Maharaj and muktas and keep them together with divine feeling; otherwise, it will be like delicious dishes in talk. Maharaj and great muktas are easily realised by their blessings in the present time. Miracle of Sriji Maharaj is very great. This thing is a great achievement for us. If the proper knowledge of Aksardham’s Murti and the assembly is got by one, it is not far away even an atom to him. Keep faith in such words. If there is firm belief then only creation, maintenance and destruction will be understood as Maharaj’s lila. If there is shortcoming in determination, one will remain unhappy. An example was quoted to elaborate the point- after the death of a saint’s disciple, he opened a big box and asked who would read all these books? Saying so he began to weep– it is like this. He would become happy when the disciple starts discourses in the assembly after giving him training and knowledge, but when the disciple leaves this world he would be unhappy. It is because of lack of association with muktas. It is in the hands of Maharaj and great muktas who make us fulfilled and to obey their commands is in our hand. This is real opportunity and if it is not seized, we will be looser. If we avoid the help of Master, how long can it be sustained? Therefore, jiva must have faith in Maharaj and great Anadi muktas. There are no such muktas anywhere in any cosmos. Therefore, keep faith and continue in the way that they are pleased but do not leave efforts. Know that there are infinite muktas with Sriji Maharaj. In the same way as there is whole army with the procession of the king. Since we have got such great Lord and such engrossed muktas, it is a great benefit and keep pride of it. Muktas are constantly there in Murti so one can get as much benefit as he wants. One can get as much as he muses from paras, chintamani, kalpataru. Similarly if jiva is attached to great Anadi it will get as much happiness as he muses. Unless happiness of God is experienced, nobody becomes happy. Our life is uncertain. Therefore get attached to muktas till they give darsan. This opportunity is rare. In monsoon, there is water everywhere. Maharaj and great muktas always keep themselves present in satsang. Much happiness prevails in the present time. The thing which we want is here- it is in not any other abode. Nowhere else there is upasana (worship) of lord Purusottam; so that abode is inferior. One cannot fulfil there. Know thus and make upasana firm. One without upasana is called man without head. Great muktas are form of Purusottam. So, seva of Lord and His muktas gives equal fruit. They and God are not separate. Bliss of Maharaj is limitless. Maharaj and assembly both are Anadi. Nobody finds the limit of Maharaj’s greatness. Vachanamrt says that there is Lord Himself and others mayik form means everything else excepting Lord’s Murti is called mayik form. There is mass of luminescence without lofty or low state. In the centre, there is Murti. That Murti is the real place for rest, it is cool, calm and white. The extroverts do not have so much importance of Sriji Maharaj as the introverts have. Therefore, happiness of tendency of inner feeling is more. Think of sankhya hundred thousand times. By continuing so, Murti is realised. Therefore, efforts must be made. Great muktas know about one or two births or about innumerable births and they also know about incarnations wherever they take place in any cosmos, but they speak as per the wish of Sriji Maharaj and do the beneficial persuit. They always remain constantly engrossed in Murti. The happiness of that Murti is limitless. That happiness has no simile in this world and in infinite cosmoses. Simile is given because all can understand. It gives pain to me in the heart but I have to tell to explain. When a devotee of God becomes the form of Sriji Maharaj and enjoys bliss of Murti by associating with mukta and doing seva, he does not have any desire. All desires are fulfilled. Nothing is unattainable for him. He can attain everything. None of his desires remains unfulfilled and he does not fall short of anything. He experiences completeness. All other happiness seems trivial, dry and negligible compared to the bliss of Murti.” || 90 ||