On the day of Fagan Sud 1st, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as diamond is cut by a diamond and firewood becomes fire in contact of with fire, similarly Jiva becomes divine by constantly worshiping Maharaj. The greatness of Shriji Maharaj is limitless, so when greatness of Shriji Maharaj and Muktas is told by saint it should be believed as true. If any one considers himself as Shriji Maharaj, he should not be listened to but if any one tells about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj considering himself as servant with the feeling of master-servant relationship, he should be believed. Greatness of Shriji Maharaj cannot be told fully by Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti so scriptures should not be referred. Muktas say what they see or experience. There is no luminescence without Murti, therefore Shriji Maharaj is not formless. The path of Brahmgnani (having knowledge of luminescence only) is wrong and they fall in hell. When Maharaj and Muktas give darshan here and give a shelter and explain greatness, Jiva is benefited. But luminescence does not come to preach so luminescence can not give liberation. Maharaj and Muktas are always divine and having form-, they give salvation. Just as tuberculosis avoids passion, Similarly if one knows how to keep saint means Muktas that means surrender to Muktas, Muktas will remain with him by their pleasure and liberate him by making him free from passion so Muktas should be kept. This meaning is of spiritual world. In the year Samvant 1956 we went to Chhapaiya. There Bhagvanprasadji engaged a servant and arrangeed for his bed in a haveli. He was afraid in the haveli and said that he be sent home, if it falls, he will buried. Then he was arranged to sleep outside in the porch, then he could sleep. When it is possible to remain with Muktas, passion burns and one becomes happy in the happiness of Murti. The Jiva which has begging bowl in his hand would think of becoming rich by seeing others riches but he does not think of becoming devotee by seeing a great devotee and says that he can not afford to become like him. Those who have become renouncer desire to collect material objects by seeing others objects but would not like to become like the one who does much meditation, worship, etc- such is the crooked nature of Jiva. He goes on falling from satsang but does not care to rise in satsang. || 155 ||