The daughter of Mistry Kalyanjibhai of Rajkot was caught hold by a genie. It did not leave her in spite of many remedies. Bapasri had come to Muli to attend Samayia. Kalyanjibhai was going there with his daughter in a train. The girl had darsan of Bapasri wearing white clothes and luminous. She began to shiver and the genie inside her spoke that he was being burnt by (her) some invisible power. They came to the temple, lodged, and had darsan of Ṭhakorji. Kalyanjibhai came to Bapasri and prayingly requested him to drive away the genie which had affected his daughter so he was very unhappy. Bapasri told him to put the dust of the assembly on the girl’s head. He did it so and genie ran away. || 72 ||