Once, Bapasri came to Dahi?sara at Keshrabhai’s house. Keshrabhai said to Bapasri, “Zinabhai got your daughter engaged in this village but we do not even drink their water because they are of corrupt character.” Bapasri said, “We shall arrange engagement with a good family tomorrow and you will know it day after tomorrow.” Saying so, Bapasri came to V??pur in the morning and the daughter suffered small-pox. Beside her Bapasri, devotees of the village, Jadavjibhai Premjibhai, etc. of Naraya?pur and devotees from near by villages were sitting at night. At that time Bapasri asked the daughter if she desired to go to Ak?ardham or get the disease remedied. She said that she was willing to go provided she was put directly near Maharaj. Bapasri asked her to look at him and she did so and left the body. Bapasri put her in Ak?ardham. Two sons were also affected by small-pox. They were sleeping on the upper storey. Bapasri said, “Your sister has been put in Ak?ardham and if you also want to go, you can be put directly without doing any means.” Sons said, “Liberation is already under process since you met us, but we want to do your seva.” Bapasri let them remain in this world. || 57 ||