In the morning assembly Bapasri said, “Anadi muktas remain engrossed in Murti. They continue to take happiness from Murti. Ages may pass but they are not satisfied with that happiness. We all have to live there. How to go there? Become ekantik and then install Sriji Maharaj and become param ekantik. Then only experiential knowledge of Maharaj draws us. Just as there is a high tide in the sea, similarly, great luminescent bliss takes away param ekantik in its joy. Nobody else can go there. After going there great luminous divine eternal bliss is enjoyed by param ekantik along with anadi mukta. This is the main talk. What is main in it? The main is causal Murti which is to be kept and everything will come along with it. Keep trust. Maharaj says, ‘Mara lok bhog ne mukta, sarve divya chhe’ (Maharaj says that His aboade, His bliss and His muktas are divine). We have got that divine thing. Therefore, knowing Maharaj as the cause of all, throw away the load of means.” When 51st Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read, Bapasri said, “In it, it is said that cause of all is Maharaj and the cart in the form of body has been demolished. Therefore, stick to the cause, so that you will get the real thing. I am telling you this principle as it is and Lord Swaminarayana is witness in it. Therefore, keep this point in mind. Kala, Karma, Maya, have no capacity to do anything without God. Know Sriji Maharaj as the doer of everything. The one who has known such greatness has his base firm in satsang. He will not become unstable even if somebody tries to make him unstable from the path of liberation. The chief thing to be done is to focus on and join Murti constantly but do not make your tendency go in many direction. Then only Mahaprabhuji will be pleased. Happiness will come only if tendency in one direction only.” Then saint Devjivandasji asked, “The fruits of guava tree are all one and the same. Similarly, muktas are all similar in divine feeling. So how can one know that he realised Maharaj through a particular mukta? Bapasri said, “When there is experiential knowledge, nothing will remain unknown to that mukta. That Murti is supernatural. Presently, Maharaj is showing much compassion. So, achievement is very great. But, jiva remains idle in what it has to do. In such opportunity if one remains idle, how ungrateful he can be called! If we become close to Maharaj, He is such that He will push up and take us. Jiva does not have love for the cause but remains pleased in activity. If one has joy of the cause like festival, samaiya, celebration, etc. and remains pleased in it, will there be any hurdle? If he keeps Murti even in activity, how much happiness he will get! But jiva shows eagerness in activity. The muktas have nothing else to request excepting to tell what we have to do. Where can one get such happiness and such saint? This saint, remain engrossed in Murti so, we have been accomplished. Otherwise, we would have to wander elsewhere. Therefore, know it as divine assembly.” || 106 ||