On the night of Jeth Vad 1st at 9.0 p.m. it rained cats and dogs (it rained heavily). Then Bapashri said, “Thakor of the village (petty ruler) did not come to take the share of his millet and it would become wet.” Bapashri told his sons to go soon in the field and cover millet and build boundary of sand round the millet so that water does not go in. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji told Bapashri to stop rain instead of taking so much trouble. Then Bapashri said though rain will come with force, it would go westward. As soon as he said so rain went westward. At that time too much lightening was taking place. Then saints said, “We are having your darshan in the light of this lightening, whether will the lightening be benefited or not? Then Bapashri said that this poor thing has no capacity to get you my darshan. Do you not have even that much light? You have so much light. You are taking happiness dwelling in Murti which is in luminescence and liberating many. Do you believe or not? The saints said that they have become so because of Bapashri’s grace. Bapashri said, “You are not aware of your capacity, luminescence and happiness because I have stopped it but your luminescence is greater than that of Aksharkoti. The work which you do, cannot be done even by Aksharkoti. Such is your greatness. Therefore, do not believe yourselves as unfulfilled- believe as fulfilled. Do not believe that there is another luminous Murti in Akshardham other than the Murti we have got and when that Murti is seen, it will be fulfilled. Then saint said that they had no desire to see other Murti. Then Bapashri said, “Then it is fulfilled. Your thoughts go to fetch Jivas by becoming human form-such is your capacity. Then saint said, “Please show your grace so that Shriji Maharaj always speaks, eats, walks, and perform all activities through our medium.” Then Bapashri said, ‘O.K.! Maharaj will not be separate from you.

On the noon of Jeth vad 2nd at 2.00 p.m., Bapashri asked saints to go for bathing otherwise it would rain and would make us wet, but saints took time and started at 3.0p.m. for bathing. After they had bath, it started raining all of a sudden and all become wet. On the way to the temple Bapashri said that he told them to start early but they did not, he said that it was raining in Zalawad and soon it could rain here. Yesterday, it was stopped but today it has been given permission. Therefore, he told them to bathe soon but they did not start and got wet. Talking thus they came to temple. || 187 ||