On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 5th, the 10th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it there was an example of Sevakram. Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “When Sevakram met Shriji Maharaj in the forest, he was served by Maharaj. It is true. He requested Bapashri to explain this incident in the terms of spiritualism.” Bapashri replied, “Sadhu named Sevakram means the Jiva seeking salvation. Between Jiva and Shriji Maharaj there are elements like soil (pruthvi), water, fire, air, space, ego, Mahatattwa, Pradhanpurush, Prakrutipurush, Vasudevbrahm, and Mul-Akshar- they are all obstructing. All these should be known as Venkatadri in the aforesaid example. Setubandh means boundary in the form of religious rule. Rameshwar means God. The path should be taken as knowledge of God’s form. Forsaking renunciation should be known as illness. One who is doing service should be known as satpurush (mukta-Murti) giving knowledge. Renouncer having the capacity of doing service physically and the house holder having the capacity of serving with money should be known as gold coin. To go in search of saints means crying. The village means bad company and garden of flower should be known as satsang. The tree should be known as body. The ghost should be known as enemies within. Getting honour in satsang should be taken as bed. Gradual decay of life span means acute dysentery. To serve means giving the knowledge of spirit (atma) and Shriji Maharaj’s form. Giving no food means not serving the saints who has given knowledge. The saint who has given the knowledge of Shriji Maharaj form had to get service from others means taking meals in the village. If no body is available for service means fast. To make one renouncer means he has been cured. Three kinds body, three states, three qualities, four Antahkaran, panch bhuta, panch vishaya (five objects), ten senses, ten prans, fourteen gods- separating oneself from all these and behaves in the form of soul (aham brahmaasmi- I am brahm) and remains within bounds of religion in the form of panch varatman- he should be made such strong, meaning of this is that he can digest ghee. Having been given such strength but saint has to worry whether he will behave accordingly or not means he made Maharaj carry the load. Sometimes if he gets involved physically and experiences decrease-increase in the Satsang, honour or insult, happiness or unhappiness, glee or sorrow or if he does not strictly follow bounds of religion in the form of panch vartman, saint will not do anything for his welfare-the meaning is saints have discarded him. || 49 ||