On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 8th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as when we open our eyes we see rivers, trees, mountain, sea, the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, people, birds, animals, etc. and many such other things and if we close our eyes we do not see any thing except Murti. Similarly the extrovert sees innumerable luxuries, abodes, people, material object, etc. whereas when the introvert closes his eyes, he will immediately see Murti, Akshardham and Muktas and nothing else. Therefore we should only dwell in Murti. Dwelling in Murti one should do katha-varta and in talk he should bring the talk of Murti but should not wander elsewhere with the physical eyes. Just as if one wants to go to the king but he goes there after going from house to house and in the end salute the king, the king will not be pleased. Similarly if Maharaj is remembered in the end after remembering every thing, Maharaj will not be pleased. Therefore Murti should not be forgotten even for a moment. There are many ways of avoiding sleep and idleness and they are very difficult, but remembering Murti the way is very easy. Maharaj is very near. If He is remembered all faults will disappear, but nobody remembers Him and adopts many other ways -in penance will stand day and night, to avoid sleep puts chilli in eyes but do not meditate on Murti. The people of the world are happy in the happiness of worldly things and we are happy in the happiness of katha-varta, meditation, devotional songs, commands, upasna (to believe God as the cause of all, norms, duties, of and for Maharaj. The tendency changes when one knows Muktas by whose association the thoughts of world stops, attachment for objects of senses, will disappear, every thing else except Shriji Maharaj will look false, religion, knowledge, renunciation, devotion, will increase and one will be happy in the happiness of Murti and there will not be obstacle in meditation. He will know them as Muktas and will act as is told by them. If he gets fed up with the happiness of the world and gets attached to Maharaj, tendency will change. If the tendency does not change, he will not be fed up from this world. Just as sense of taste knows what is salty and saltless, what is tasty and tasteless. Similarly one by and by recognises Muktas in association with them and then gets attached to them, the tendency will change. If he does not recognise them and does routine satsang and hears indirect talks of Narad, Sanak etc. Saubhari and stories of other kings without the reference of Maharaj and gets pleasure, his tendency is not changed. If one gets attached to Murti and develops liking for talks about Maharaj’s knowledge and bliss, and this talk penetrates in the heart, he will not able to live without Murti. The happiness is in Maharaj and goes elsewhere to get it that means he finds happiness in activity. How can he get happiness there? Just as one give no importance to the king and wants happiness from the public. How is it possible to get? Therefore activities should be kept aside and -he should stick to Murti which is the cause of all then only he will get happiness. When one’s tendency is not changed even in association with Muktas and then blames Muktas- what is the meaning of association with Muktas then? One associates with Muktas but does not imbibe their virtues and behaves according to the nature of his own mind, senses, etc. it can not be called association. If one does not become like a gem, by its touch, such association should not be done. Just as the cobra surrounds the tree of bav sandalwood but keeps its hood raised so the poison remains and takes lives of others- the aforesaid association with Muktas is like that. One should get attached to Muktas by mind, karma, (activity) and speech and should never violate their command and he should remain pleased in the happiness or misery which is according to the wish of Muktas. Mind should be engaged in Murti of Maharaj and never care for what happens outside. The one who engages oneself in Murti by mind is said to have got attached with mind. Therefore words of Maharaj should be obeyed properly and get attached with mind, karama and speech and should beg to be with Maharaj. || 52 ||