In the morning of Vaishkh Vad 9th, Bapashri, showing his favour talked. He said, “Knowledge is better than meditation and if both are there it is better.” On that topic he talked about Sachchidanand Swami, “Once Shriji Maharaj visited Gadhali. He did not take him there. As a result Swami started bleeding from nine senses of the body and became ill. Then Gopalanand Swami said, “If you meditate on Shriji Maharaj from the bottom of the heart and realize Murti, there will not be disunion from Maharaj and will always remain happy.” Then Sachidanand Swami said, “Swami! Today you made me know my defect by taking pity on me.” Thus knowledge is the best. Constant memory is more than trance. Constant memory is like the flow of water and trance like the pond which is full all of a sudden and dries up thereafter. Therefore, constant memory is better. The one having state of tranquillity is better than the one having constant memory. The one who can see Murti constantly and who is called self-realized is the best and he is said to be possessing supernatural powers. The one with supernatural powers does the work of the place of pilgrimage with his mobility- that means he liberates devotees by giving knowledge and thereby remains nothing for taking the next birth. Therefore, have communion with one who is having supernatural powers. The one in the state of tranquillity dwells in Murti constantly and does not have love or memory of this world. He is detached from everything so all are surprised and say that he remembers nothing except God. He is attached to Murti constantly therefore, we have to do the same. Knowing thus many souls walk on the path of salvation. Therefore, he is said to have done the work of place of pilgrimage. The state of the one having tranquillity can be seen much outwardly but the state of the one having supernatural powers is not seen. Just as when the well is being dug, there are workers, animals, and other instruments on the well but the water of that well is not potable. Whereas on the other hand there is much water in the well and there is nothing on it, but its water is drinkable and quenches the thirst. Similarly the one with supernatural powers liberates devotees. Such great Muktas do give happiness of Murti to soul but if the person receiving it is not pure and worthy, the happiness will go back to Murti. Just as when clouds formed from the water of sea rain, the pond will retain the rain water according to its capacity and the excess water will go back to sea. Similarly happiness will go back to Murti. There are different kinds of happiness, divinity, in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. All these come together to the person having supernatural powers. Just as the smell of ghee, jaggery, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, water, fire, fire wood, etc. comes together differently in a sweet preparation. Similarly, the seeker gets happiness, separately from karan (Murti and Muktas), and from the saints, celibates from the heads of sect, from satsangis, from festivals, from celebration, from horses, from elephant, from chariot, from planes, from palanquin, from gardens- they all are karya (activities) and give different happiness.” || 16 ||