On the noon of Vaishakh Sud 3rd Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Every thing is possible but to become a saint is very difficult.” To become saint he has to behave as per commands of Dharmamrut and has to avoid short comings like passion, anger, greed, honour, jealousy, etc. He should realize Murti in soul. Then only he is called a saint otherwise by merely wearing saffron clothes he can not be called saint. We are mad after five senses and for the happiness of this world, we quarrel with others for it, but nobody quarrels for achieving the goal i. e. God. The life is very short, if we quarrel for those items, it is perverted nature. There are quarrels for land, wealth, borrowing, and lending, food, etc. We quarrel for the trivial happiness. We are not going to come back for enjoyment after death. Therefore, one who wishes to realize Mahaprabhuji should not worry for his children and we should not desire to get wealth, farm, etc. for them. It is not possible for Jiva to get all these things. If he thinks he can get them, he is ignorant even though he is satsangi. If Maharaj takes someone to Akshardham and after his death if his relatives regret for his departure and wish that it would have been better if Shriji Maharaj had kept him for some more time. This is just like wood cutter continuing to carry firewood even after becoming sovereign king. The satsangi does not know that the happiness of Shriji Maharaj in Akshardham is very divine and illusive (mayik) happiness is like pounding husk of paddy. Jiva take misery as happiness so he regrets. This kind of ignorance should be given up. When some one leaves this world after violating Maharaj’s command, then only we should regret for him because since he had violated His command what fate he will meet in case Maharaj is displeased with him. Such type of regret is essential. The tendency of Jiva is such that it does not allow to stick to the divine happiness of Maharaj and gets him stuck in illusive (mayik) misery. He has damaged the soul so his act is suicidal. He is more sinner than the sinner who has committed five sins. This is so because he has to take rebirth in eighty-four lacks species (yonies). Having love elsewhere except Mahaprabhuji is great sin. Just as Bharatji was required to take rebirth as a deer . When the child of shepherd dies he cries and says be a crow and come to drink milk and be a tiger and come to carry goat- this is ignorance. Similarly when a disciple of saint dies he expresses sorrow and says that he will not get such a disciple and then he quarrel for things, books, space (aasan), pot, etc- he is as ignorant as a shepherd.

Once Purani Saint of Muli named Tyagvallabhdasji who had gone to Vadhvan came at Baladia and he was sitting there. Ishwarbava was sitting with him. In the meanwhile Devrajbhai of village Rampara came. By seeing him very happy I told him to give reason of happiness to Tyagvallabhdasji. Then he said, “Shriji Maharaj and you have shown great pity on me by taking my mother and my two sons to Akshardham. Thus half of my botheration was removed. Now I have the responsibility of only my wife and two sons. That much botheration is there.You and Maharaj do whatever you like for them but at present you have lessen half of my burden and for that I am happy. I came for your darshan after donating the cost of meals to be served thrice to Bhuj temple. Then I asked Tyagvallabhadasji, “How will you feel if your disciple goes to Akshardham?” Tyagvallabhdasji said, “I can not bear this.” Then I said, “Devrajbhai works in the farm the whole day and at night daily comes to me for my preaching and never misses a single command-such is his faith and he is happy with the happiness of Maharaj’s Murti. If one keeps Murti, he can be happy. Every thing of this world should be wound up in a few days. Perhaps it can be wound up but the attachment of body can not be wound up. Praises of this world are like giving sugar in fever. He has innumerable faults and there is not a single virtue but even then he takes himself as superior such is his crooked nature. He has continued in satsang because nobody has so far rebuked. In case he is rebuked he will leave satsang. Therefore, such crooked nature must be given up and should behave as told by saint and God, if one behaves so all his faults will disappear and will become very happy. || 47 ||