On the noon of Fagan Vad 10th, Swami Vrundavandasji asked the question in the assembly. He said, “Does the Jiva goes to God or Maharaj goes to it when it realize the transcendental Murti?” Bapashri replied, “When Jiva comes in contact with Anadi Muktas and Jiva gives up its wishes of its mind and abandons all vices like lust, anger, greed, honour, ego, fascination, etc and surrenders it to Muktas and keeps firm oneness with them and obeys their commands and becomes truly needy and humble, Muktas will be pleased and remove the curtain (avaran) and it will see Murti. Thus Anadi Muktas get the Murti realized but neither Maharaj nor Jiva requires to go to each other. Just as when there are guests at some one’s place and master of the house feeds them what he himself eats. Similarly Muktas have Maharaj’s Murti and they give it to who takes their shelter. Today there is invitation of nectar, i.e., there is call for self-realization. Just as when it rains, many kinds of eatable like juicy fruits, dry fruits, etc. grow; similarly today Maharaj and Muktas have taken incarnation. They all will liberate Jivas and want to give the same happiness, which Maharaj’s Murti has. We do not discriminate. If greatness is known in association with Muktas and in case there is illusive thought and if one remembers such Muktas, they will destroy his illusive thoughts. When there is any kind of adverse time and region, the burden of it will not be felt and it will not be an obstacle if he keeps Maharaj and Muktas with him. If one properly knows greatness of Maharaj, he will get much happiness. Just as there is the same dish and the serving person is also the same, but the food is taken according to the liking of the person who dines. Similarly Muktas give bliss of Maharaj but it can be taken in the proportion in which we have faith, trust and know the greatness. Just as sick person cannot dine as much as the healthy person dines. Similarly there are many Muktas in this satsang who will not have thoughts but we should make firm love and attachment of self with those Muktas who can destroy the thought of others. Only such competent Muktas should be associated with. Today Mahaprabhuji and Muktas are present by their grace. Just as if some one gives papaiya to the king the king would give him kingdom, similarly if we obey commands which is equal to giving papaiya, bliss of Murti will be given. The bliss comes in the proportion in which we know the greatness of Maharaj’s Murti. This will be proved when you come to us- this boon was given. || 97 ||