Samvat 1973, in the month of Vaishakh, Swami Vrundavandasji, Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji, etc. and from Muli Swami Bhagvatswarupdasji, Purani Dharmakishordasji and devotees had gone to Kutch. On the day of Vaishakh Sud 10th they reached Vruspur via Bhuj.

On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 11th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “The Jiva has been surrounded by five ghosts. They should not be trusted. There was Sunderjibhai in Bhuj. He was doing many activities. So Shriji Maharaj kept him in subconscious state for fifteen days and got his activities avoided, made him pure and giving him divine darshan and took him to Akshardham. Saints and devotees of Amdavad, Bhuj, Vartal following panch vartman are of one group. If anyone knows them as separate, he would not go to Akshardham and if he betrays them, Maharaj would not come to fetch him. Therefore, whole satsang should be known as one not as separate. Shriji Maharaj is master of all. So if he knows them as one, Shriji Maharaj will be pleased very much. The renouncer should renunciate inanimate and animate illusion and if illusion enters in him, it would be better for him to remain as householder. So the attire (i.e. saffron clothes) which is worn should be respected otherwise it will be sorrowful. The luxury, which is given, is more than the king has – Shriji Maharaj has given food, drink, cloth, home, in big quantity. But he has asked to discard only animate and inanimate illusion so it should be avoided. Once the head is shaved the part of saint should be played and if cannot be played, head should not have been shaved means he should not have become saint, renouncing the world. It is well and good for sankhyayogi taking food from their home and associate with great Muktas but for renouncer it is very bad if he keeps love for wealth. Women are also included in it; therefore Maharaj and We will not be the master of one who keeps love for wealth. Illusion (maya) is such that it may enter from anywhere so one should be cautious. Great saints enjoy happiness by dwelling in Mharaj Murti in all three states whether they are in Akshardham or in this world dwelling in Murti. Therefore happiness of the Murti should be taken and should not remember anything else. I am talking about prohibition of inanimate and animate illusion and I think nobody feels sorry. This has been told by Shriji Maharaj so do not be sorry. In this world if householder tells his son to do as per his wish after his death, the son will have to do accordingly. Where as these are the words of Shriji Maharaj and must be obeyed. Then only Maharaj and Muktas will be pleased and will make us happy, if one do not obey you will not be made happy. You should not keep crooked nature since you are in this opportunity and himself has to become worthy. The one who obeys commands, norms properly is called self-effort; it should be done by oneself. Then only Maharaj and Muktas will show favour. || 166 ||