On the evening of Jeth Sud 6th, Bapashri along with all saints and devotees went to bath in the first farm. After taking bath all set under Jambun tree, performed mental worship and all sat. Bapashri asked someone to read the 56th Vachanamrut of the first chapter. In it, it is said that Dhruvji killed one lakh thirty thousands Yaksha by weapon of Narayan. Bapashri said, “Yakshas, who were killed by Dhruvji, were liberated by the grace of Narnarayan. Such is the power of God and his devotee”. Then there was talk of pride. Bapashri said, “Pride spoils Jiva. ‘Sadhan sarve man bagade pal vishe‘ (all means become void by pride). Pride spoils all means but it is not given up. Even the weakest person has pride.” ‘Kanak tajyo, Kamni tajyo, tajyo dhatu ko sang, tulsi laghu bhojan kari jive man ke rang.‘ (give up gold ,give up woman, give up company of metal, Saint Tulsi says Jiva keeps pride by even though he eats little food).

Hargovanbhai of Bhavnagar asked, “Who should be known as dead?” Bapashri said, “The dead is one who has renounced the world and left home but ego/pride is still there. The person with pride cannot serve saint. Naradji took seven manvantar (manvantar = 30,67,20,000 years) in learning the music because of pride. Sooner or later one will have to give up pride, greed, anger, jealousy, envy. How can one live if they are given up? Then one saint said that nothing could be given up by you because you have considered it as valuable but you might be eaten away by them. If one hands over (surrender) his Jiva to Muktas, he will go to heaven (Akshardham) but he cannot so he will not go to heaven. The proud of not having pride (Nirmanipanu), he is proud of his service as a servant. He who dwells in Murti will have no such things. He is always tranquil and gets happiness of Maharaj. Why have we come together? Therefore, we should not allow pride. He may be damn poor but when praised, he will be pleased and feel proud. When such pride is given up, he will be happy. If he is greedy for it, he will not be happy. Then a saint said nobody wishes to keep such thing. Then Bapashri said, “It can be given up if one is attached to a saint but simply hearing about it or simply talking about it, it will not be given up. Narayanbhakta went to Rajkot to crush sugar cane. There he met a Bava who was pretending as Muni. He would neither speak nor eat. If any one gave him two rupees, he would open his mouth and keeps in his mouth and keep ash in his bag. Once a dog tore his bag at night. The Bava beat the dog and drove it away. At that time, Narayanbhakta shouted and said that the dog made Muni Bava talk. Then saint requested Bapashri, to drive away all their enemies. Bapashri said, “You take all from Kutch.” Saint said, “We have surrendered ourselves to you so save us.” Bapashri said, “How can I do it by becoming a leader of all and making them follow norms? If you try, all faults can be given up. If you begin to drive them out, they will be given up within six months and can see Murti soon. Tell me why you have come here. Everything will be good. I will try my level best, to save you and will give you happiness of Murti.” || 236 ||