A genie lived in someone’s house in Patḍi. In that house nobody could stay at night because whosoever stayed, he /she died. Bapasri ordered Nagjibhai to buy that house and build the temple for gents and Nagjibhai accordingly did so. For establishment of Mūrti Bapasri had gone there on Fagana Vad 12th, in Samvat year 1972. On that day establishing ceremony was going on, Bapasri said that genie was standing in the corner and he was there to have his darsan. Bapasri had kept him in the happiness of Mūrti. Because of genie, the house was bought cheaper, so Bapasri considered his seva and liberated him. Bapasri went to Kalidasbhai’s house and gave the boon that whosoever came out of the door of that house will be taken to Aksardham by him. || 70 ||