On the morning of Maha Vad 13th, the 6th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur was being read in the assembly. In it, the point about the origin (creation) of Vedas arose, Bapashri said that the Vedas, which came from the deity Vairaj, speak of just one cosmos but that is not enough as there are several cosmoses. That is why we ought to leave all these aside and turn towards Shriji Maharaj alone. We must not have anything to do with anyone else. If we attach with them, we would certainly be in trouble. Therefore, we must avoid everyone else-even Hanuman or other gods. We should attach with Murti and Muktas alone. Even higher beings like Aksharkotis pray to the devotees of Shriji. Such is the greatness of the manifested one. Devotees of Shriji are like the queens of kings. There is a difference between ascetic and householders. They can not be compared. Likewise the Ekantik devotees of Shriji and incarnated Mul-Akshar, etc too are different from each other. So do not keep attachment to anyone except the Maharaj and Muktas. Be aware that there are no such saints and devotees in any cosmos. You are sure to lose everything if you believe well-wishers to anyone other than Mahaprabhuji and Muktas; but if they are with you, then even up to the Aksharkoti nobody can touch you. Even mere touch of a thread of rag is enough to take away the sanctity of a sacred aspect. Similarly various other thoughts and ideas, sleep, illusion (sensual indulgences-maya), time, other gods can take away your mind from this assembly. This is like the monkeys of Ayodhya who take away whatever they can lay their hands on. Shriji Maharaj has started the path of liberation since Samvat 1837. Then why wander away to others? One should consider Shriji and Muktas as doer and not to oneself. Bapashri appealed everyone to look upon various idols installed in our temples as if they were the images of Shriji Maharaj. Such is the will of Shriji Maharaj, but they are not other incarnations. Maharaj gives darshan in these forms.

A man of Rajput caste once greeted a devotee with Ram Ram! The devotee asked him what was the point in remembering a chieftain who lived 21 lakh years ago. Swaminarayan Bhagvan is Himself the perfect among all the highest beings, lord of all beings, doer of all actions and controller of universes. Taking mercy upon us, He has appeared in our world for jivas’ redemption. Say him ‘Jay Shri Swaminarayan’, He will liberate you. By ignoring the king who is ruling presently you are praying the chieftain who lived thousand of centuries ago. What good would he do? So hail our istadev’s Jay Swaminarayan- but do not say jay narayan of paroksha (other incarnations) getting influenced by someone. Say ‘Jai Swaminarayan. Should have love for Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and not for any other thing. To have association with Muktas is very valuable. Today we see even children going around chanting ‘Jay Swaminarayan, Jay Swaminarayan’. Barring such an opportunity if one does spiritual endeavours on his own, we can not have oneness with Murti. The attachment should not be superficial but should be done by heart and becoming introvert. If one feels that he has got entrapped like a Baniya, then the association is of no use. Two illusions named inanimate maya (wealth) and animate maya (woman) should be given up as in absence of these two also, one gets full meal, enough clothes and adequate residence. Therefore one should swear and leave these two forever. Failure in this will obstruct redemption. A householder devotee also has to give up panch vishay (pleasure taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound). Renunciate should firmly boycott inanimate maya (wealth) and animate maya (woman). Saints and devotees should endeavour for becoming happy. You saints are like cows may wander and be lost without a cowherd. A cowherd is necessary. This is for your benefit. Some people do not know of the glory of the lord, so they remain dry. Therefore first knowledge and then glory- both are required. Then follow the practices. One can neither attain the supreme bliss nor become free from desires by merely observing practices like renunciation etc. A king’s command is carried as his greatness is known. Similarly, one can follow the will of Shriji Maharaj and Muktas only after knowing their glory and dryness is avoided. So know the glory; the dryness cannot be avoided without knowing the glory. || 152 ||