In Samvat year 1948, Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami was ill in Amdavad. At that time Bapasri also had illness in Vrspur. Swami Isvarcharanadasji got a letter written on Mahant Sadguru Swami Aksarjivandasji of Bhuj about Bapasri’s illness as per the Swamisri. His cot would be kept in the temple so send two saints in his seva immediately. He wrote another letter on Bapasri telling him to keep his cot in the temple and two saints would come from Bhuj in his seva. Thus two letters got written. Then saint Jagjivandasji and Narayancharandasji went to Vrspur from Bhuj and brought the cot in the temple. At that time Bapasri went in deep trance and did not come out from it for ten days. At that time saints and others who were from other villages and from Vrspur doing the seva thought that Bapasri would never come out and would go away to Aksardham in this state and they would not be able to do any prayer and would not be able to ask for blessings so it would be better to wake him up. After much thinking they shook Bapasri and woke him up. Bapasri opened his eyes and asked why he was awakened up. Saints and devotees told him that they thought he would go away in Akṣarham and they would not be able to get blessing from him. Bapasri said that he was not such dependent-he was independent so whenever he wanted to go he would fulfil wishes of all before going. So do not worry and asked them not to wake him up and close his eyes. Thus seventeen days passed so saints and devotees thought that they did not understand what Bapasri had decided this time. He had promised to fulfil our wishes but how long they could keep patience. Then they thought he could not be awakened up against his wishes but they should inform Swami Aksarjivandasji at Bhuj that Bapasri was not feeling well and saints and devotees who wanted to have darsan should come. The message was sent to Bhuj through messenger so Swami Aksarjivandasji, etc. saints, Brahmachari, parṣad, etc. started at night at eight o’clock and came to Vrspur and sat around the Bapasri’s cot. Swamisri prayed but Bapasri did not speak so saints and devotees sat there. Then in the morning at four o’clock Bapasri himself got up and started pradkshina of Maharaj. Lest Bapasri fall down Mūlaji Bhakta of Samatra held Bapasri but Bapasri refused and told him that he would not fall down so he released him. Then he (Bapasri) did twenty-five to thirty pradkshina, prostrated and sat in front of the throne. Bapasri said that his efforts failed because he wanted to go to Aksardham and he had persuasion for twenty-seven days with Sriji Maharaj about his going to Aksardham and then only Maharaj at last agreed but Swami Nirgundasji refused and decided to take Swamisri. So, Bapasri told all including big saints and devotees to go and have darsan of Swamisri-afterwards they would not get. Saints and devotees said that the month of Ashadh had started and the rain was likely to come and they might be put in trouble because of stormy sea, so if they went at the time of Divali, would it be all right? Bapasri said that Swamisri would not live till then. Then again they asked for going there on the day of Janmashtami. Bapasri said that on that day the sea would be stormy. So they were asked to go immediately and they would not find any trouble in the sea journey. Bapasri further said he also wanted to go but because of the illness, he could not and told them to go and say his Jay Swaminarayana to Swamisri. Darsan of such great saint would not be possible there after. Then saints and devotees came to Amdavad, after having darsan of Ṭhakorji came to Swamisri’s seat and prostrated. Then Swamisri asked them why his bosom (jivanpran) Muktaraj had not come. Vasrambhai of Rampur said that he was such ill that he was even unable to change his side himself so he could not come and had conveyed Jay Swaminarayana to him. Swamisri said that he would come tomorrow afternoon.

On the second day saint prepared meals and requested Swamisri to offer Ṭhakorji but Swamisri said that he would take with Anadi Muktaraj when he arrived, Swamisri told all devotees that Bapasri would definitely come by train so whosoever wanted to receive him should go. Many devotees had gone to the station. When Bapasri got down from the train and all met him and told him that Swamisri had informed them in the assembly. Saying so, all came to the temple together. Then after having darsan of Ṭhakorji and saints came before Swamisri and prostrated. Swamisri got up and met with much love. At that time it was twelve noon. Bapasri and Swamisri talked about their illness with each other. Swamisri told saints and devotees of Kutch that this Anadi Muktaraj had come. All saints and devotees were pleased and asked Bapasri how he had come even though he was very ill. Bapasri said, “After you left I had a sankalpa that I should also have darsan of Swami, no sooner did I have that sankalpa, then the illness gone away so got the tiffin prepared. At midnight I went to the farm and Lalji of Anada Bhakta was awakened and I started with him and we came to Khari Road. There we got a ship and came here via Vavania.” Saints-devotees said, “When they came yesterday, Swamisri told us that Bapasri would reach here the next day afternoon, but we doubted because in such illness how Bapasri could come, but according to Swamisri’s word you came.” Bapasri had bath, performed pūja then, Swamisri and Bapasri sat together and offered meals to Ṭhakorji. In the evening also Bapasri sat besides Swamisri for a long time. On the next day morning Bapasri and all saints and devotees were sitting beside Swamisri. After katha-varta was over all devotees went to the place where they were given lodging place on the upper storey of Sadguru Gyananand Swami. Bapasri sat near Swamisri. When the call for the meals was given saints went to dine. At that time Swamisri said to Bapasri that he was not having his darsan properly, so he requested him to come near and give darsan. Bapasri went near Swamisri. Swamisri put on spectacles and said that he was still not having proper darsan and so asked him to remove angaḍi (a kind of shirt) so Bapasri removed it and soon there was mass of luminescence and on all sides there was luminescence, seeing that Swamisri has said, “Ah! You are such luminous Mūrti-this is only full of luminescence.” Bapasri said, “You are also such luminous.” Saying so , Bapasri hid luminescence and wore angaḍi. At that time Swami Balkrishnadasji of Muli who was fasting was sitting near Swamisri. He requested Bapasri, to show him his luminescence but Bapasri did no show him. When saints came back after having meals, Swami Balkrishnadasji told everything about it to them. Then after finishing the reading Vachanamṛt katha all went to their respective seats. Swamisri asked Bapasri to ask Maharaj by going in trance when he would be taken to Aksardham. Bapasri said that they had long discussion in Vrspur for twenty-seven days and at that time his decision had been taken so there remains nothing to be asked. According to the custom of this world it is said about coming and going but since they were already in Mūrti so they were independent and knew everything. Bapasri added that their dwelling in Mūrti appears by the sankalpa of Maharaj. Swamisri said, “This we only two know but if you go in trance and ask Maharaj so that some will be surprised. Therefore, you go in trance it will be well and good.” Bapasri went into the trance and woke up in the evening. At five o’clock the assembly of saints and devotees took place on the upper storey of the hospital at the seat of Swamisri. At that time Bapasri said, “I saw Swami Nirgundasji in Aksardham in Mūrti as Anadi Mukta Sadguru Gopalanand Swami remain engrossed in Mūrti. Sriji Maharaj told me that he was liberating infinite jivas and he appears dwelling in my Mūrti by my wish-he is such capable- he asked you to go in trance and got me asked-it is only human behaviour- thus Sriji Maharaj told me. Bapasri further added on the day of Aso Sud 1st, “Swamisri will leave this world at one o’clock in the night. So I request devotees and saints to do much seva of this Swami knowing his greatness. This seva, you will not get again so forget sleep, hunger, or tiredness.” Then katha began. In the meanwhile Ishwarlalbhai came for darsan. He went to Swamisri making his way from the devotees who were sitting there. He was about to touch the feet of Swamisri, when Swamisri scolded him and told him that such great devotees were sitting and he was not keeping their respect.” Ishwarlalbhai asked Swami who among them was great. They were all Kanabi of Kutch and he knew them from the time when he was Diwan in Bhuj. Then Swamisri said that Abjibhai was dwelling constantly in Mūrti and his leg had touched him, so it was guilt of Sriji Maharaj. Hearing this Ishwarlalbhai soon began to prostrate before Bapasri, so Bapasri stood up, stopped him and met him. When katha was over, Ishwarlalbhai requested Swamisri to ask Bapasri to go to his house. Swamisri added that he was his well wisher so he made him understood that matter. He did not know such greatness. Saying so, he took Bapasri to his house. Bapasri gave many talks on the greatness of Maharaj, so he developed much love. When Bapasri prepared to go to Kutch Swamisri and all saints and devotees met Bapasri. At that time Swamisri loudly told that Bapasri was second to none. Sriji Maharaj has sent him to liberate many jivas so all of you associate with him but do not go elsewhere, there was no one like him anywhere in satsang. Then Bapasri, and saints and devotees all came to Kutch. || 3 ||