In the afternoon Bapasri sitting on the first floor of temple talked, showing his favour. He said, “We should know Purusottamnarayana as the cause of all causes. Just as banyan tree appears big but its seed is small. The small seed has capacity of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Similarly, God may be as big as human being but He is the cause of creation, maintenance and destruction of infinite cosmoses. Sriji Maharaj has said, ‘Saune vas karun re sauno karan hun bhagvan’ (I control all and am cause of all, I am God). Thus in cause there is marvel. Such God is recognised only by grace. He cannot be achieved by means. Means are called wage earning. Those working in the farm sow seeds and get wages but the owner of the farm gets the whole crop. Similarly, these talks will go to the house of those who dwell in Murti but those who are in the satsang like wage earner will hand over the benefit of such talks to others. They do not have the understanding for this benefit or such grace. Muktas like Muktanand Swami and Parvatbhai who are engrossed in Murti used to say that all these achievement can be had by obeying commands of Maharaj and great muktas. This is the time to realise Sriji Maharaj. During this time, God can be achieved only by his grace. Mahaprabhu has come by His mercy so keep God constantly in every activity like walking, moving, eating, drinking, getting up, sitting, rosary, mental worship, etc, Murti should be kept. Without Murti, one cannot cross the ocean in the form of cycle of birth and death. ‘Bhavsagarno par na ave prabhu vina re.’ (the ocean of berth and death cannot be crossed without the help of God). So, determination should be matured. Maharaj said that if you know Me and My muktas as we are, you will be liberated. Anadi muktas are taking deep in the happiness of Murti. In this assembly, Anadi muktas are seen dwelling in Murti but jiva is very ignorant so it cannot recognise. Maharaj and Anadi always live together. ‘Rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang jyun misri pay mahin bhali’ (just as sugar mixes with milk, similarly Anadi muktas have oneness with Maharaj). They do not separate so they are happy in the happiness of Murti. Such is the relationship between Maharaj and Anadis. He who has such understanding will give up this world, passion, pride, status. He will be called mad by the people. These talks are having deep meaning so it will become difficult to digest. If it is not understood, one will not be benefited. If one has faith in words of muktas, he is called worthy. ‘Bhagvan visvasine sis’ (God is with him who has faith). It is said so. If one has faith, there always be feeling of servant. Just see! Muktanand Swami used to ask Maharaj with folded hands and emotionally. These are the characteristic of a servant. The devotee of God has bravery, love, feeling of seva– such are the characteristic. Ahir Patel Samant of Valak region had satsang of his mother, even then how much capacity he had! Mulaji and Krsnaji of Mankuva, Ladhibai, Mataji, the queen of Udaipur, did so much for the sake of God so their stories are written. At that time, Mistry Najubhai said that we were unable to do thus, so requested to keep pity on us. Bapasri was pleased and said, “Maharaj and muktas are got by their grace so one should know how to do activity so that they are pleased but if it is done according to one’s own wish nothing is possible. One can progress very fast by pleasing them. For pleasing them, the devotee will even be ready to sacrifice his life, if he has understood the greatness. Sriji Maharaj and great Anadis are easily available in the present time, but jiva has no understanding so it cannot get benefit. While Bapasri were talking thus Najubhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Amichandbhai, Govindbhai, Sivjibhai, etc. devotees brought cars as it was pre-planned to go to the seashore to take bath as it was Ekadasi. So saints and devotees along with Bapasri came to take bath at Havabandar. Saints and devotees singing devotional songs reached the seashore. At the seashore, Bapasri saw a place for sitting so he asked Swami if he could sit there till they come back after having bath, because it was still far and had to walk. Swami Isvarcharanadasji requested Bapasri to go with them up to the last point so that all would be pleased. Bapasri agreed and said O.K. as you wish. While going down the steps Bapasri sat in a manchi (kind of wheel chair) to avoid strain and reached the shore with all. There all bathed reciting dhun (incessant collective utterance of the name of God-incantation). While they were bathing a devotee was taking away Mavjibhai the grandson of Bapasri further in the sea; so Bapasri told devotee not to take him further in the sea because the sea is deep. The sea in our side is shallow. So this sea appeared deep. At that time, Raghavji younger son of Tribhovanbhai of Vantavadar was standing nearby. He had a rupee coin in his hand. Bapasri jokingly asked the boy if he would give him the rupee. The boy agreed and gave away it to Bapasri. Bapasri remarked that such gems were there and added that the boy had no care, otherwise young boy would not even give away an almond. If jiva surrenders to Maharaj and great muktas in this way, it will become a gem. The people say, ‘hira etla hira ne bija badha panchika’ (a gem is a gem and everything else is worthless). Saying so, Bapasri returned the rupee. From there, there was a way to the Siva temple on the shore and from that way, all slowly walking and reciting kirtans came to a big ground. There the assembly was held. Devotees had brought dry fruits with them, which was offered to Ṭhakorji, and it was distributed as prasad to all. There devotees celebrated for a while. There after, Jay ghosh of Sri Sahajanand Swami Maharaj was done. By that time, Bapasri advised all to keep such joy because Sriji Maharaj likes this very much. Mahaprabhu is very much pleased by seeing such love of saints and devotees. Bapasri further said, “Though I am in Kutch I remember all having love. Saying so Lalubhai was called near and asked what talks took place. He said that there were talks of bliss of Murti. This whole assembly dwells in Murti. You (Bapasri) have come here to keep us in Murti- we are very fortunate. This time, you have shown much mercy and fulfilled us. Then Bapasri looking at the saints said, “Look! How much understanding of greatness they have and faith is also much. Karachi has become as Aksardham because of such devotees having love. The young devotees do attempts day and night to please. ‘Het joi harijanna valo pote thaya prasanna’ (God Himself became pleased by seeing the love of devotees). Maharaj is pleased by seeing such love. He is not pleased by wisdom or any other means.”

“Once a devotee put charanaraj (dust of feet) on his head. Bapasri asked him, what he had done. He said to Bapasri that it was ritual of pilgrimage. Bapasri said to him, “All rituals should be kept with Murti. Means are not important. Maharaj or His Anadi muktas lead us to the happiness of Murti. Only by means there may be numbers of births and deaths but cannot reach in the happiness of Murti. Then looking at saints and devotees Bapasri said, see the charm! There are all flowers of garden of Swaminarayana. See the love of all! Poor maya will run away from here with a shrill cry. Darsan of such assembly is rare for Isvarkoti, Brahmakoti, Aksarkoti, etc. They crave for it. Even then, when Maharaj and muktas come in sight by their grace, they will get the benefit of darsan. This city has become the form of Aksardham this time. Just as there are all places of pilgrimage in the sea. Similarly, infinite Anadi muktas dwell in Murti. Only Sriji Maharaj is the ocean of happiness. Maharaj and His Anadi muktas are always together. If this is seen as it is, one becomes mad with joy. This time, Maharaj gives ultimate liberation to jivas taking them out from maya by the grace of His sight. In such pilgrimage if one bathes with divine feeling and with the understanding of greatness, his karmas of many births will be burnt.” Saying so Bapasri went to temple by car and on the way, he went to Najubhai’s house on his insistence. There he pleased all on the way, gave darsan to devotees and came to the temple. After some time, Dhanjibhai desired to see the aeroplane on the insistence of Narayanbhai. The plan was disclosed to Bapasri and asked for his permission. Bapasri told him that he would show him the aeroplane sitting over here at home. After coming to city, do not be childish. Thereafter Bapasri told Dhanjibhai that they were their aeroplanes. This divine aeroplane in the form of saints and devotees flies up to Aksardham and lands directly in Murti. Therefore, we should see such divine aeroplanes. The others are for the purpose of flying for maya and its work- what we have to do with that? For us there is only one thing, which is worth seeing, is the beauty of Maharaj only. ‘Surpur, Narpur, Nagpur ae tinme sukh nahin, kan sukh Hrike charanme kan santan ke mahin’ (there is no happiness in this world or heaven or in the world below. There is happiness at the feet of Hari or in saints). There is only ash everywhere excepting Murti. It will go in eyes by the force of wind. In the assembly the 13th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter was being read. Then Bapasri said, “Maharaj has said, God’s Murti is seen in luminescence and Murti which is in the luminescence is Maharaj Himself- know thus. Such luminous divine Murti Sriji Maharaj is supreme Lord. His words are also supreme. Saints and devotees are supreme. Such temples and such ways are also supreme. In spite of such achievement, jiva is caught hold of maya and finds faults from this assembly. It is a big loss. Therefore, no one should tread on that path. We have come in satsang to please Sriji Maharaj and we should remain in his command and should not give up Murti. He who is really worthy of favour of God cannot live anywhere excepting God’s Murti and God’s muktas– it is the characteristic of muktas of Aksardham. In every activity, viz. eating, drinking, bathing washing, walking moving, in happiness, in misery, Murti should be remembered. Maharaj Himself did bhakti– it is only for teaching us– know thus. Whatever obstacles come while remembering Murti should be avoided by the supernatural power of Murti. Do not allow attributes of maya to come in us. When we get honour or insult or there is predominance of three attributes, we are affected by attributes and we do not become aware of it. Those attributes should be identified and should be taken out. If we have inclination for eating, drinking, dressing, it is the sign of rajoguna and if our behaviour is not normal, it is attribute of tamoguna and if we remain very humble, it is attribute of sattvaguna. Therefore, we should remain free from attributes of maya.” || 83 ||