In the afternoon Bapasri was sitting on a bench in the porch of temple. There saints and devotees came and sat. At that time Bapasri said, “Great muktas may be away from us by five hundred or thousand miles but when devotees having much love are perplexed, they give darsan to them and tell them not to get perplexed, we are with you– their covering will be overcome. Thus, the words of muktas are always true. Whenever there is occasion for passion-anger etc. or there are some wicked thoughts, one should think about his own self and should recite Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana and recite the names of great Sadgurus and thereby avoid them by the power of greatness of Maharaj and muktas. Then one should not often remember those faults, thoughts, etc.- remember only Murti. We may describe up to Aksardham and leave, but if there is no word of Sriji Maharaj, what is the use of that description, therefore we should relate the description as well on other occasions like all things or words to Murti- it is the characteristic of the best devotee.” Then Amichandbhai of village Mathak asked, “Bapa! How can liberation of those who firmly worship paroksa incarnations of Ram, Krsna, etc. but do not know Sriji Maharaj or do not think of Him to be had?” Bapasri said, “Since the incarnation of Maharaj those incarnations cannot come to fetch the devotees of paroksa (other than Lord Swaminarayana) incarnations. They are given birth in Sriji Maharaj’s satsang and they are explained His upasana and are taken to Aksardham. This has been said by Sadguru Niskulanand Swami in his devotional song. ‘Bandh kidha bija barana re; vaheti kidhi Aksarvat, Purusottam pragati re’ (all doors have been shut; the path to Aksardham has been opened after incarnation of Purusottam). Thus, at this time Sriji Maharaj has thrown doors of Aksardham open for ultimate liberation but to please Maharaj in this world there are many hurdles. One can cross the hurdles of castes, creeds, family and relatives if jiva becomes strong and does not care for them, but to cross the hurdles of the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the sky are very difficult.”

Ṭhakarsibhai asked, “Bapa! How can those hurdles be crossed?” Bapasri said, “The one who met personally Sriji Maharaj and His great muktas has already crossed those hurdles and other hurdles up to Aksarkoti- know thus. To understand such talk with one’s own intellect is very difficult but it is not difficult for him who has met Maharaj and great muktas. They appear either before our eyes or give darsan in the form of idol and if there is confusion of any matter and we remember them, they will give darsan and avoid our confusion or if there is any doubt in our mind and if we remember them with love at that time, that doubt will be done away with. Then we should know that our doubt has been done away with by Maharaj and muktas. Thus, they are always there to protect their followers. Maharaj and great Anadi muktas know everything in a moment. Such muktas have the knowledge of jiva’s infinite births so they do not do or say anything so that he does not get hurt. If they say something and if we come to know about it, we should know that it has no concern with us. It may be of the previous birth and words of great muktas should be believed as true. We should not apply reasoning in it or should not be confused. Such great muktas may appear like human but do not know them as human. They are always divine. ‘Narnarayana divya Murti santanko visram’ (the divine Murti of Narnarayana is the resting place of saints). Thus, they are always divine Murti and all got relationship of Sriji Maharaj- clothes, vehicles, servants, food, everything is divine, thus Maharaj has written in Vachanamrt, so never have the feeling of human being for them.”

Mohanlal, the teacher, asked, “Bapa! What is the highest aim?” Bapasri said, “The real highest aim is to make the jiva turn back from the wrong path and get him attached to Sriji Maharaj and great muktas and their touch, yoga, association, etc.”

When Bapasri came to his seat on the first floor, the 24th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Last Chapter was being read. In it, it is said that female devotees should not give much importance to male devotees and male devotees should not give much importance to female devotees, but they should be treated equally. If it is not understood thus, there may be a big hurdle. Then Bapasri said, “God’s devotees men or women should not keep much contact with one another and should not listen talk of knowledge from them. One may not be getting moral deterioration and may not be having bodily feeling but in case if any talk is heard about it, he should examine within, because that path is slippery. Therefore, one should think about it and should remain alert in the commands of Maharaj and should not forget Maharaj even for a moment. The rider of the horse makes it round and round but the horse does not run away leaving its rider. Similarly the devotee of God should not do any worldly activity or the activity of the path of devotion (bhakti) forgetting God. The greatness of Maharaj and his Anadi muktas should be known much because their incarnation is for the salvation of infinite jivas. To take birth and leave the body for such muktas is only for the show to ignorant by fascinating them. Great Anadis dwell in Murti remaining engrossed in it- it is very wonderful talk. It cannot be explained by giving example. It is like as it is and we should know that coming and going is only for show. Even if we have no understanding of greatness of muktas, we should at least understand that there must be something, which makes whole satsang believe. If one has darsan of such muktas and remembers their name, he will become strong by giving up all sins. He is taken care of by Maharaj and muktas- it should be known thus.” || 68 ||