On the second day Bapasri sat in the assembly after performing puja of Maharaj, Purani, etc. saints as usual. After sometime, event of conversation began in katha. At that time Bapasri said, “Just see! Maharaj Himself, remains present in this assembly of saints. Infinite muktas are looking at that Murti. Luminescence emits from this divine assembly. Find out if you can such saints and such divine assembly from infinite cosmoses. These are Murtis of Brahma. Maharaj has covered their luminescence.” In this way conversation was being carried on, in the morning and in the evening and the temple was crowded with saints and devotees. Both Purani, used to read katha by concentrating on Murti, so also audience, used to listen keeping tendency in Murti. In the evening devotees had dinner, Bapasri moved about in the dining place and would make them happy by giving darsan to all. Once in the morning Bapasri said in the assembly, “Maharaj has shown much mercy on jivas at this time so whosoever surrenders to Him, will be made free from the cycle of birth and death by Him. In such brahmayajna Sriji Maharaj gives His darsan in the divine form and bestows bliss of His Murti to many-his greatness is explained through great muktas. Such saints also move from place to place to liberate jiva and forgive their guilts. Maharaj has done many kinds of lila charitra and whatever Anadi Maha muktas had done is the same but how can jiva know about this. ‘ Anant jiva uddharvane aviya re lol, Brahmamohol vasi Hriray’ (we have come to liberate infinite jiva– we are the dweller of the Brahmamahol). It is such. Where is jiva and where is life (Maharaj). Mahaprabhu has shown much grace. Great muktas have described limitless greatness of that Murti which is always sakar, (incarnated), nirgun Murti (without attributes) and independently it donates luminescence to infinite cosmoses and to infinite persons having supernatural power, it is blissful Murti, supporter of all, giver of variety of happiness to param ekantik and Anadi Maha muktas who had served His lotus feet, abode of happiness, attractive Murti, support of AksarBrahm, soul of Aksar, divine Murti, giving light to infinite cosmoses by His immanent power, cause of all Sri Hari, He is unparallel, we have realised such immortal Maharaj described in scripture and we should be proud of it. That Mahaprabhu constantly shines in this assembly and looks at this assembly with nectar sight. Therefore, we should consider ourselves to be very fortunate and regard ourselves grateful. Never be bankrupt in case of jiva. Know much greatness about this divine assembly. ‘BhavBrahmadikne nische malti nathi, Purusottam pase bethani jagyjo’ (Sivji, Brahma, etc. have not got space to sit with Lord Purusottam i.e. even not darsan). We have got such achievement- know thus. Such Anadi Maha Mukta has been recognised because Sriji Maharaj has given us this opportunity by His grace- so we should believe ourselves as fortunate and should always remain joyful”. || 135 ||