In Samvat year 1950, Satsangijivan parayana was held at Bhuj. There Mistry Harjibhai of Kumbharia had come from the factory. His lodging place was with Bapasri. He (Harjibhai), Bapasri, Jadavjibhai and Ramjibhai of village Upardal used to talk at night about the greatness of Sriji Maharaj. Listening to this, Harjibhai felt that he had done satsang for so many days but he did not know such greatness. He did not know that Swaminarayana is Supreme Lord and Bapasri is such a Maha Mukta who is above all incarnations, Brahmakoti and Akṣarkoti. He felt sorry that he slept in cot in the presence of such great mukta- he considered it to be his guilt so he got down from the cot and began to prostrate and prayed for forgiving his guilt. Saints used to prepare meals for him and fed him (Harjibhai) and parṣad used to prepare hot water for him and bathed him- they were refused to do so and then he did penance by observing chandrayan fast. Thereafter he used to take meals mixing it with water in bowl like saints and started to eat and began to wear ordinary clothes. When parayana was over, he went with Bapasri to Vrspur and began to eat hotchpotch of math and loaves of millet and nagli. Then in Samvat year 1953, Bapasri told him to go to Kumbharia but he refused to go. Bapasri told him to go there for a month and then come back, so he went there and there he became ill. On the previous day it suddenly came to his mind that he would leave this world on the following day. He told his mother to send for Bapasri from Vrspur. The camel man was prepared to go to Vrspur in the meanwhile Bapasri gave him darsan and in the morning at the time of leaving the world Harjibhai was asked if he had any desire for miracle, Bapasri would make one leave this world who was interested in going with him. When all were asked, the daughter of Govamalbhai (his brother) got ready. Bapasri made her leave this world and took both of them together. When ten days had passed after Harjibhai’s leaving this world, Swami Isvarcharanadasji was there, Bapasri told him that he wanted to go for Harjibhai’s condolence meeting and there he wanted his (Harjibhai’s) mother to wear kanthi so Bapasri asked Isvarcharanadasji to give him kanthi. He gave it to him. When Bapasri came to Kumbharia, Harjibhai’s mother told him he was not a human being. She added that she had seen with her own eyes that Harji and daughter of Govabhai were taken with him so he was capable to give liberation so she asked to tie kanthi and make her satsangi. Bapasri gave her kanthi and told her that there was Maha Mukta Dhanbai old devotee (doshi) in Rampur and if she listens to her talks for a month she would understand Lord Swaminarayana’s greatness and then she would be taken to Harjibhai. She associated as was told and went to Aksardham. || 6 ||