On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 3rd, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He gave an example of a bride groom. If the marriage party goes to the house of bride without the bride groom, the party will not get response. (will not get meal). This example is given for means like, observing fast, chanting mantra, penance, donation, worship, etc are adopted but if he has not realized Murti of Shriji Maharaj, no happiness will come to him. Shriji Maharaj’s Murti is compared with the bridegroom of the example given above. All means are useless without the realization of Murti. It is just like a marriage party without the bridegroom. Therefore we should remain non-attached to this world. Today the marriage party has come from Akshardham, the bridegroom is Maharaj, the members of marriage party are Muktas. We should be proud of it .If the greatness is known, there will be much pride, because Lord of Akshardham Shri Pragat Purushottam Bhagwan’s chandlo ( monetory present being given at the time of marriage) has come. What a big thing! In this world if the king makes Vagharan a queen, how much intoxication she feels. We have got immortal bridegroom, we should get attached to Him and everything else should be discarded. We should consider our body as having no existence, then every thing else will become non existent and if one does not do that there will be much trouble. Sukdevji liberated Parikshit in seven days whereas today we have got Maharaj and Muktas who have power to give ultimate liberation. One may read or hear scriptures for years together but it is of no use. If the speaker is having perfect knowledge like Maharaj, He will liberate us within no time. The one who liberates should be known as Sukdevji. If the greatness of Muktas is understood, they will keep us in the same place, in the same state and in the same happiness as they are. If the devotee wants happiness, he should avoid desire for honour or to be worshipped or to become great or for position. Even if these things are got without desire he should not be pleased. The one with attachment to the worldly things will have to wait-whether he would get that object or would be called and asked for the same. In doing so he will forget Murti. The aforesaid desire may be realized or not -it is in the hands of Shriji Maharaj. Nothing is realized by our wish. Shriji Maharaj make us sit either on an elephant or on a donkey, we should remain equally happy in it. Giving and taking is in the hands of Mahaprabhuji. To desire other thing and forgetting Mahaprabhuji’s Murti is great foolishness. || 46 ||