On the day of Maha Vad 11th, Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “Today Shriji Maharaj and saint means Mukta who is going about on the earth have not met anyone. They are gods having two arms. In every saint there are many groups of Munis because Shriji Maharaj along with innumerable Muktas are there in every saint, therefore if one is offered meal, infinite take meal. Shriji Maharaj has said so and always says. This is not imaginary. Shriji Maharaj along with infinite Muktas is with devotee of God but he does not know it, so if he has no son, he regrets but he should understand that there are Maharaj and infinite Muktas within his soul. Knowing this he should not desire for illusive objects like woman, son, wealth, etc and should not feel that he is alone. He should always remain in joy by knowing that Shriji Maharaj and His infinite Muktas are seated in his soul. At first it was rule that one saint alone can move about and Shriji Maharaj and infinite Muktas were with him so the command was not violated. Thereafter Shriji Maharaj commanded that saints should move about in pairs, even then if such pair of saints with whom Maharaj and Muktas are not there they would violate Shriji Maharaj’s command, therefore one should become such that many remain with him in one and one should keep many Muktas with him. Even if he is householder he should keep infinite Muktas and Maharaj with him but should not desire opulence of this world. There was a devotee who was financially poor and worshipped Maharaj happily. Someone taking pity on him told Maharaj, “Oh Maharaj! This devotee is a nice man but financially he is weak so take pity on him and make him strong financially. Then Maharaj blessed that devotee and he became wealthy. Afterwards he did not find time to worship God and even did not have time for meal. Once that devotee came for darshan of Maharaj, Maharaj asked him how his happiness was. The devotee said, “Maharaj! A frog has been kept in basket of snakes how can it be happy?” Thereafter Maharaj made him financially weak as he was before. Then he became strong in body and worshipped Maharaj happily, so wealth should be known as painful. Activity is such that it makes us forget God, therefore God should be worshipped by avoiding it. Maharaj has shown the trick to avoid it in the 22nd Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada. The one who wishes to get attached to Murti, should not keep eagerness for activity. Thus Maharaj has taken the activity as of less importance. So one who wants to become Mukta should get attached to the Murti by forgetting every thing. The tendency of one becomes different in the assembly of saints, held in hut made of grass and where torn quilt is spread and whereas tendency become nasty in the assembly of saint held in modern comforts and equipments. Just as Shivlalbhai of Botad invited Shri Raghuvirji Maharaj at Bhavnagar and get him honoured by the king. Because of this programme appearance of Shriji Maharaj which was there in his soul had disappeared. Then he told about it to Sadguru Shri Gunatitanand Swami. Swami told him that since he was busy in activities, they had disappeared. He told him to go and to pray their Guru Gopalanand Swami. He went and prayed to Swami. Swami showing his grace told him to meditate. He said that they would appear after two months. Then they did appear in his soul after two months. Thus activity is also an obstacle in getting attached to Murti. Deeds of Shriji’s and Muktas are for teaching the seekers. This education is greater. Even after learning shatshastra (six scriptures) and eighteen purans nothing can be gained. In this opportunity one can get all kinds of knowledge and he will know how to meditate, so this opportunity should be seized. If it is seized, everything will be fulfilled means realization of Murti will be possible while in human form (while alive). Therefore such Muktas should be served with divine feeling but not by remaining in attributes. If cloth of parsadi is tied tightly round the neck it will be harmful and stone of prasadi will also hurt and if darshan is done with greatness, it will make him divine. Therefore service should be done with divine feeling. We have got chintamani but it is wasted without taking benefit of it. When Maharaj comes to fetch the opportunity will be lost if desire of living here arises. When Shriji Maharaj comes to fetch, it should be known that every thing is fulfilled. Just as the fruit comes down from the tree, it will not go back to the tree. Similarly if Shriji or Muktas make us leave our body, the next birth will be avoided by their grace-they take him to their abode. Therefore when Shriji Maharaj comes to fetch he should not think that something remains behind. There are two part of the sect but they all should keep one group but should not remain separate. We should always be eager to obey the commands of the heads of the respective abode in which we live, and should not behave according to our wish. If Maharaj is kept together, there will be one group if Maharaj is kept away groups will separate therefore Maharaj should be kept together. ||151 ||