On the morning of Bhadarva Vad 4th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “There may be many names of saints. Narad, Sanak, etc are also called saints. But sanak, etc became angry and Naradji also lost his prestige. Therefore this saint is the last point. Maharaj has asked great saints to sit in front; here are those saints and this assembly is sitting where luminescence is emitted from Murti. Just see! How this group of saints bloom like lotus!” Bapashri wanted saints to confirm his vision. Saints affirmed Bapashri’s divine vision. In the meanwhile, luminescence emitted from the assembly of the devotees. Seeing this, one devotee was surprised. Then Bapashri said, “Greatness of this assembly is known to devotees. Some one may think that he is doing service whereas other thinks that he is doing it. The one who does not understand the greatness will not get the joy of this assembly. If the greatness of this assembly is understood, he will have wonder round the clock. It is believed by the one who has taken shelter of Shriji Maharaj. All virtues are of Shriji Maharaj. In case Shriji Maharaj gives His virtues to some one, he should not think that it is his. It should be believed as His master’s grace. Do not take this as an ordinary thing. It is fortunate that you have worn the chundadi (saffron cloth) in the name of Shriji Maharaj (here it means Shriji Maharaj have given them diksha and made them saints). Just as it has become the kingdom of the queen as much as it is of the king. Just see! Wandering for the goal of salvation is over; it is the glory of Maharaj. This opportunity will not come again. A Bhatia of Mandvi was coming back after wedding; he got drowned at the shore while performing the marriage ceremony at the shore. In the meanwhile there was flood in the river and he was drowned. Therefore one should not wait for unnecessary things like books, disciples, donation, etc. They are all like ceremony. Do not wander in such activity. Leave aside everything and get attached to Murti but do not be whimsy. To go on pilgrimage, to win in challenges (here challenges means the interpretation of deep meaning of scriptures), to arrange samaiya (religious festivals) – these are all ceremonies (commotion for pomp).they should be avoided.

When Acharya Keshavprasadji Maharaj took out procession of Shri Purushottamprasadji Maharaj, Sadguru Nirgundasji advised him not to take out, even then, he did not listen and there was obstacle- when the procession came near Manek Chowk riot took place and rival group fought with guns and murders took place so they had to stop the procession. Therefore whatever Muktas say according to the principle of Shriji Maharaj, it is bound to happen. When the procession came back some one blamed Swami by saying that the obstacle was because of Swami’s refusal. Thus he blamed Swami. Though jiva understands greatness of Muktas, it also finds faults- such is the nature of Jiva. In this world, there is agony of people, mind, and body. There are various kinds of diseases; they give pain, they are agonies of body. People criticize us, throw sand on us, insult us- such are the agonies of people. The agonies of mind are disturbance of thoughts while meditation, worship, rosary and mental worship. There are many such agonies. They can be avoided provided he gets attached to Muktas and becomes pure (nishkanchan). || 103 ||