On the day of Vaishakh Vad 11th Bapashri, all saints, celibate, devotees had come to chhatri. There katha of Vachanamrut commentary (tika-critique appreciation) was read by Ishwarcharandasji Swami. Then Bapashri performed pooja of the volume (grantha) and then all saints, celibates and devotee performed pooja of Bapashri. Then Bapashri applied sandalwood paste on the forehead of all saints, brahmachari and devotee and said, this yagna is like the yagna performed by Parvatbhai who said that he would take all in Akshardham on whom his sight falls. On this occasion I will take all to Akshardham on whom my sight fell- he blessed with such boon. Thereafter Bapashri formed three circles and made them sing devotional songs of raskrida. Then he sat facing east on the steps of front portion of chhatri opposite Kali talawadi and saints, brahmchari, devotee, sang devotion songs (Ras krida) for a long time going round the chhatri. At that time, the sky became cloudy. Bapashri said this Muktas have come in the sky along with planes and have given us shadow. Shriji Maharaj had arranged rash (collective circular dance) in Panchala. On that day, he had driven away half part of Kaliyug and had arranged seven circles and had taken as many forms as there were saints and took rounds with them- such darshan was given. After this talk, they came to the temple and devotees of Narayanpura, Kera, etc. went to their respective villages.

Thereafter on the very day of the noon, assembly was held and the 69th Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read. In it, there was reference about violence. Bapashri said, “A demon named Mrugasur was digging a garden. Ramchandraji went to kill him, since then there is violence but violence is not the dharma of a king.

Then Bapashri said, “When Sadguru Shree Nirgundasji was ill I had gone to Amdavad. On seeing me Swamiji was very much pleased and said that his illness would be cured because you had come and now I fill peaceful-thus he knows the greatness of Mukta. In Samvat 1951, while I was going from Kutch to Gujarat, I went to Gadhada. At that time, I had written letter from Bhuj to Ramjibhai at Upardal informing him that I had started from here and would go to Amdavad via Junagadh and Gadhada. On reading this letter, Ramjibhai came to Nigala by rail and hired vehicle (ako-horse-carriage). He asked its driver if anyone had come from Bhuj. He replied that someone wearing kedia and shuthana (kind of kutchi dress) had come and was going to bath in Ghela river in the morning. Then Ramjibhai went to the temple for the darshan. There I was standing near Thakorji and he met me. Then Ramjibhai paid the fare to the driver and rupee more as a gift. I asked him why he had given a rupee more. Ramjibhai said hearing the news of birth of a son people give ten to twenty rupees where as this driver gave me your news and if I pay thousands of rupees it would not be enough. Where can I find such news of rejoice! (Vadhamani). He had such knowledge of greatness. Then Bapashri said, “Where can you get such darshan”. It was difficult to go to great Sadgurus whereas you are all playing at my feet (charan) like a child plays in the lap of parents and talking with such Anadi Mukta -what a big achievement. Then they went to bed.

In the evening, they came to Kakarwadi for bath. There after taking bath performed mental worship under a mango tree and thereafter set in a new room along with saints. At that time Bapashri said with sarcasm and compassion looking at saints and devotees, “This assembly is divine and in this assembly, divine Murti Shriji Maharaj Himself sitting in front of this Mukta and sees gently, smiles gently, gives prasadi gently provided he is recognized but jiva does not recognize and taking joy of illusion (maya). Just as a brahmin went to a king for donation. The king to test him gave him delicious food, a cot and a servant for his service and told him to come at 12.00 noon for donation-he would give him five thousand gold coins. Then the Brahmin ate food in excess and slept on the cot and the servant massaged his legs so he went in to deep sleep and the time of donation was over. He went to the king but the king told him the time was over and he would not get donation. Similarly Jiva takes the joy (is bound in maya) of illusion and forgets Maharaj and Muktas. Even if he discards illusion, there is passion in the heart. Such is the nature of Jiva. How can he recognize God? After talking thus, Bapashri met all saints made them very happy and came to the temple. After arti, Bapashri commanded saints to talk in the assembly and told them that they had to start next day, so inform devotees. Saints talked in the assembly and end of the talk told the devotees that they had to start tomorrow. On the next day after ‘parna‘ (breaking fast), all saints and devotees came to Gujarat via Bhuj and Zalawad (district of Surendranagar). || 209 ||