On the day of Fagan Sud 7th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as if some one betrays the king he will be imprisoned. Similarly if some one betrays God’s devotee he will be punished. Such harsh punishment will not be given if he betrays other jivas which are not God’s devotees. Shriji Maharaj has said that we should not betray God and His devotees. If they are betrayed jiva will be destroyed. When saint or devotee is betrayed, it means God may be betrayed because when one starts betraying he will forget the limit. The one who is fond of taking virtues will get virtues from all and everything will appear divine to him and he will have darshan of all with politeness, therefore we should not tread on the path of vices. He who wishes salvation must understand this. The one who knows his faults and repents for it and begs for pardon deserves bravo. Saint came to me and requested to be pleased on him and asked for pardon in case he has committed mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. What can remain unfulfilled for such a saint? The saint was without pride so he asked for such thing.

In the 52nd Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada it is said that renouncer should not keep moustache or beard and should wear saffron clothes. Then Bapashri said, “Maharaj asked to keep saffron clothes- which may be thick or rough, available easily, should be accepted but should not wear silky or malmal. He should renounce wealth and woman and should take food only once, these are the norms of saints. If cloth of choice is taken from the heap of clothes -by turning it means he has passion. Thin clothes should not be worn and the clothes which is transparent showing body should not be worn. He may take big or small size but not transparent. Just as small boy leans to steal and may rob king’s treasure, similarly if Jiva is given free hand, it will become vagabond. So it should not be allowed to be vagabond -it is a norm of saints. The householder may have everything such as ornaments, clothes, vehicles, wife, children, but he should not keep much attachment for them- then only it is beneficial. Today Maharaj and Muktas are giving assurance of protection in the form of katha-varta. If one does not obey commands, does not avoid passion, will get prison of nine months and inside the womb it has intolerable sufferings. It is big blot. Every one should examine his own tendency.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “After going to Akshardham or Murti leaving the body does one remember the place where he did means for goal?” Then Bapashri said, “After going to Akshardham or Murti he feels that he is here since long but he does not remember anything. Then he said that one should sit at one place and perform rosary, mental worship, katha, varta, meditation and devotional songs and in this, he should get engrossed. When you get sovereign kingdom, you should not wish to carry the load of wood means when Maharaj comes to fetch, you should not wish to stay back here. When Shriji Maharaj and Muktas came to fetch Anda Bhakta, he said Maharaj and Muktas had come, the whole cosmos is filled with Muktas, so the way is blocked, from which way he should go to reach Maharaj is a question. The extrovert sees siddhis (supernatural power) while meditating and he also sees them in trance (Samadhi) and even after leaving body he sees them before him. Similarly siddhis like honour, prestige, fame, publicity, etc comes to the introvert though he is alive. Such introvert is respected by lacs of people and he gets honour, felicitation, worship, prestige, etc. He should not think that it is his honour, he should believe that it is all for Mahaprabhuji. The prestige is because of Shriji Maharaj but if he believes that it is his, then everything is over. He will be deprived of good attributes. Once Shriji Maharaj was sitting in the assembly. In the assembly some one felt that worship, etc is for him so he thought that he was deserving it. Then Shriji Maharaj organised another divine luminous assembly on his head and performed puja. Seeing this a saint asked, “There is luminous assembly on our heads- who is that?” Then Shriji Maharaj said, “You left me and separated from me, so I arranged the assembly of Akshardham. Therefore honour, felicitation, etc should be done for Shriji and Muktas but one should not become owner of it. One should not believe that there is salvation elsewhere other than this assembly. Moreover, we should believe that Maharaj would not arrange different assembly other than Akshardham. When one becomes tranquil (upsham) all attributes of illusion (maya) will go away and there will not be other resolution and nobody can prevent up to Mul-Akshar. Formerly there were many who did penance for sixty thousand years and some were getting buried, but attributes of illusion did not leave them, so for this we should surrender to Master (Maharaj). The honour given by devotees should be known as the honour of his Master and it is not his and if harm is done, he should believe that it is to the body and if he believes so he would become such that he can make crores of Jivas happy. Though Mahaprabhuji speaks, he does not trust- then should not he be punished. Shriji Maharaj has said that he would become like the one as he knows Shriji Maharaj so, much remains to be understood but it is not understood by him and does not trust others- it is big defect. Therefore one should give up the previous understanding and should believe in what Muktas say. One should give up reasoning (tark) and if someone takes us far on the path of knowledge, we should go but should not sit idle. We should understand and go immediately. There is no limit to this thing, it is limitless. Therefore, leaving aside all we should believe in what great persons say about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj and it should be believed as true. We have met Anadi Mukta dwelling in Murti who are above all viz. there are Ekantik Muktas above Mul-Akshar, Param Ekantik Muktas above them and Anadi Muktas are above them all and we have to dwell with them in Murti. If doubt arises in it, it will remain unfulfilled and will get the prison of nine months. All incarnations are from immanent (anvaya) form viz Mul-Aksharkoti, below it Brahmkoti, and below Brahmkoti Krushna, etc. Whereas Maharaj has met Muktas in transcendental (vyatirek) form but has not met Mul-Akshar, etc. In them there is immanent (anvaya) form means Shriji Maharaj is there in divine luminous form. In satsang Shriji Maharaj remains hidden in ordinary devotees and in Ekantik He remains in transcendental (vyatirek) form means he is in idol form and for Param Ekantik, He is in front of them and Anadi are in Murti. They are very blissful. They are beyond our understanding. That lord is himself present here.” || 162 ||