On the day of Vaishakh Sud 2nd , Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “There is no seperation between Shriji Maharaj and Muktas. The distance is as short as we are sitting in front of each other. Whatever activities Muktas do, they do them by dwelling in bliss of Murti. If we get attached to them by mind, karma (activity) and words, we will achieve same status. If we remember Anadi Muktas we will not come out from Murti. We do not have proper faith in words of Muktas so we start reasoning but Muktas never live without Maharaj. Those who are attached to Muktas are attached to all viz. Akshardham, Muktas, and Purushottam. It is very deplorable that the Jiva does not know the greatness and happiness of Muktas but Maharaj and Muktas are always with us. It is not known because it is hidden (badhitanuvrati). Since we met Anadi Muktas of Mahaprabhuji our misery is over. When we think of Maharaj and Muktas and their assembly in our conscience and when they appear in heart (soul), we become very much surprised. The position (status) of great Muktas is unique. We have got such opportunity even then we are unable to take happiness and are drawn in five senses. The reason is that we have not understood the value of greatness. If we know the greatness of Maharaj’s Murti and bliss of Murti, the happiness of this world become nonentity. In the opinion of Maharaj and Muktas it is well and good, if we take the path of non-attachment and get absorbed in the form of Purushottam. Once we take the shelter of Muktas we should not have distrust that it will bring our welfare or not. Once Muktas glance at us and even wind reaching us through his touch will lead to our welfare. If one keeps innocent intellect for Muktas, he himself will really become innocent. Great are Anadi Muktas and if Jiva gets attached to them, he will become like them. Just as worm becomes wasp. Therefore, if we have not been able to achieve the goal after meeting such Satpurush and such opportunity, we have not been able to understand the greatness of Muktas. If the greatness of Muktas and Maharaj is understood properly, five senses will be won without any effort. Therefore, we should get attached to Muktas and serve them and take the benefit. Whether we had come here or not, ultimately we will have to separate from the body so why not now only. || 44 ||