On the evening of Fagan Sud 6th, the Bhakta Chintamani was getting read in the assembly; in it, the characteristics of saints were given. Then Bapashri said, “Today artificial diamonds are made and look like real diamonds so even some jewellers mistake them as real. But the real jeweller will recognise them that the diamonds are artificial. Similarly in this satsang some believe themselves as Muktas. Some devotees recognise them and know that they are hoodwinking us but at the same time real Muktas are also put in the same category. If real jeweller is available, he can make us recognise the real diamond. Just as the real mother makes us recognise the real father. Similarly the real Muktas will make us recognise Shriji. Others have no such capacity so we should associate with real Muktas by recognising them. Then only Shriji Maharaj will be realized and there will be no end to happiness even after many kalpas- such happiness without attributes is given. Though these jivas are small, how much happiness Shriji Maharaj and Muktas have been given! So much is their mercy. If the wealth of a king is given to a poor man, he will become mad. Similarly this happiness is given to you. This happiness is available from this assembly. That should be taken by becoming worthy of it. Shriji Maharaj has made it so juicy that He gives happiness of service and association by keeping Himself in the human form. If the feeling of ordinary human being is avoided and leave aside all passion, there will be happiness even though we are alive and Murti, assembly and Akshardham will not even be away an atom but it is thousands of miles away for extrovert. This is Brahmsabha and is full of happiness. Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas are sitting in this assembly and if one experiences it really, there is no more happiness elsewhere. Just as there is a lamp in the lantern but gives light from the glass of lantern, similarly if Jiva itself becomes divine, there will be no cover and there will be bliss of Murti. One can get as much happiness as one wants from this assembly but there is no trust. This assembly in which Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas are themselves present does not appear to us to be so. This is the feeling of atheism. There are many more secret atheists in this assembly than in Brahmkodal. They do not believe in what we say and they have need of Muktas. If the greatness of this assembly is understood to be as great as the assembly of Akshardham, then there is no need of going far by leaving this body. When the curtain of illusion gets rid of, Murti and Muktas will be seen in this divine, luminous and glaring luminescence. If one is really accomplished, this assembly will appear divine to him. Until his sight is illusive, it will appear illusive. When saint comes to fetch him, he will think that he is from Bhuj or Amdavad but will not appear divine to him. But this assembly is full of delight and it fetches him, and great Anadi Muktas like Sadguru Nirgundasji, etc who have left this world, are also sitting in the assembly, even then he has feeling of atheism so he crosses the limit. Great Muktas have disappeared, if one believes greatness of the new saints as the greatness of Muktas who have disappeared, it should be known that he is liberated. When Shri Ghansyam Maharaj’s Murti was in the storing place, nobody asked for anything from it but when it was installed with the rituals we ask for salvation from Maharaj-this much difference is there in one day. Similarly those who have been made new saints should be known as divine and giver of salvation. When katha is being read, Muktas feel that Shriji Maharaj Himself speaks, whereas the seeker understand that which is written is read. The saint has thirty-two attributes and it seems that this katha is read by Maharaj Himself and the Lord Himself and Muktas appeared divine. Illusive letters (alphabets) are thirty-two. These letters make the speaker speak as much as he wants and the letters of book are read, if illusive letters are so boundless then what can be not there in Maharaj and in this assembly? They are boundless so feeling of atheism should be given up. Jiva is ordinary whereas Maharaj and Muktas are so great that Jiva is unable to find their capacity. This assembly has been sent by Shriji Maharaj and Maharaj is also with it and gives happiness which is seen by the one who is Mukta. There is no such happiness elsewhere. The happiness of Murti and the assembly can only be experienced if illusive feeling is avoided and one will be happy in all the three state (jagrut, swapna, susupti). Today you have met such Mukta that they get Murti realized for you in all three states. If they are met after experience, it can be said that they have really met. When the realization is in Jivatma, it is called an experience. This talk should be made before Ekantik devotee. When it is talked before kusangi (having bad company), he should be told that there was Maharaj named Ram-Krushna and today He is named as Swaminarayan . The talk of firmness is complex. The one who does not have firmness may say that it is your last birth. He may say so but nothing can be gained by his promise. The one who has kept Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and who has imbibed attributes of Shriji Maharaj will do good by thought only. The one who has attributes like that of Shriji Maharaj can give the key of salvation and he is authorised to give salvation. But the one who does not possess such attributes may claim for giving salvation but he can do nothing and moreover the knowledge and dharma which he has will disappear. Shriji Maharaj has given the key of salvation to his favourite and personal assistance. Just as when the king himself has to go the battlefield when another king attacks his kingdom. Similarly Shriji Maharaj and Muktas have come to fetch these Jiva. Today he who can accomplish has come so take from Him whatever you want. All shortcomings are removed by the grace of this assembly. He does not see whether the devotee is of high caste or low caste. He accomplishes all. || 161 ||