On the day of Vaishakh Sud 5th, Bapasri showing his favour talked. He said, “When Sriji Maharaj or great muktas give darsan on the earth by their mercy and if any jiva takes their shelter by associating with them, keeps divine feeling and remains under their command, it will be liberated, because the path can be shown by the guide. Similarly that mukta is the enjoyer of bliss of Murti so he will take one in the divine happiness otherwise that bliss cannot be had by any other means. If you know Sriji Maharaj as He is, even then Maharaj remains limitless for all. Much greatness is to be understood but one cannot bear it if it is expressed as it is. What can one know if he does not have the knowledge of the talk? There is unlimited luminescence in Murti. Anadi muktas remain engrossed in that Murti. Here one sees the feelings of mortal world but everything is divine. Maharaj said, ‘Mari Murti re mara lok bhog ne mukta; sarve divya chhe re tyan to joyani chhe jukta’ (my Murti, my world, enjoyment and mukta –everything is divine-it requires divine sight). It is all because of abundance of causal Murti- thus it was discussed. Then Bapasri told Swami Ghansyamjivandasji, “We should join Murti and learn and know about divine perspective from Vachanamrt.

In the evening assembly 12th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter was being read, in which it is said that the jiva is the king in the kayanagar. Just as the king rules the kingdom by studying politics, similarly in kayanagar if all senses are controlled, jiva will get happiness of Murti and will become happy. Then Bapasri said, “In kayanagar if jiva does not hear weak words through the medium of ears, does not see any other beauty excepting God through the medium of eyes, does not smell anything like perfume (attar) or sandalwood, etc. excepting God’s prasad through the medium of nose and does not taste anything excepting God’s prasad through the medium of tongue. Thus if he controls ten senses and four antaḥkaran and gets done all activities for God, he will become happy means he can see Murti. This is only possible where there are such saints. This saint is like Naimisharanyakshetra. There the sharpness of ten senses will be blunted. Manomay chakra is mind and ten senses are the sharpness of mind. That will be blunted by coming in contact with such saint. If the king in the form of jiva becomes mad it will fall from the path of liberation, otherwise it will rule over. Therefore, senses should be controlled. When katha came to end, Bapasri asked saints to speak, godi (a kind of devotional song) so that Maharaj may come soon.|| 144 ||