On the night of Fagan Vad 8th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in assembly. He said, “There are four kinds of state of Muktas according to the talk of Shri Gopalanand Swami. How to understand it?” Bapashri replied, “These state are of Muktas doing means (seekers). The one who sees only Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and forgets himself is the best state. The second state is in which he sees Murti with his self- it is the second state. The third state is in which he sees Maharaj, himself and Akshardham and the fourth state is in which he sees Maharaj, himself, Akshardham and infinite Muktas. These states have been said for those who are doing means (seekers) and where it has been said in Akshardham, it is called Akshardham where Murti is there. Therefore this place and Akshardham are said to be one.

Once again Swami said, “In the 6th Vachanamrut of Amdavad it is said that there are palace, gardens, etc in Akshardham. How to understand it?” Bapashri replied, “To whatever villages Shriji Maharaj went and whichever house He visited on this earth, all those places should be considered as divine as Akshardham due to His connection. Therefore those houses, which Shriji Maharaj visited, should be known as palaces, the balconies, porticos, and gardens of the houses of those devotees where Shriji Maharaj sat, should all be considered as Akshardham. These are all the description of this world but not of Akshardham. Therefore these places should be understood as Akshardham by the divine grace of Shriji Maharaj. ||93 ||