When the evening session of the katha was over, Bapasri said, “This is the assembly of Purusottam Himself and sankalpas of great Anadi’s work. They put thousands of jivas in Aksardham taking thousands of forms. Jiva gets unlimited benefit in the place where such Anadi muktas dwells. Here is such anadi mukta. If I am telling a lie, it will be my sin.” He said it thrice.

Hirabhai said, “Bapa! How much benefit will one get who knows such muktas?” Bapasri said, “Who recognises? If one recognises, he would be made like me. The thing which is described and sung as Neti, Neti, in Veda (it is not that) and which is to be achieved is available at this time. If one wishes to see anything else excepting Sriji Maharaj, it is a great defect and it is called feeling of atheism. Therefore, there is nothing to see anywhere else.”

Swami Vrndavandasji asked, “Do realised muktas posses attributes like religion, knowledge, renunciation, etc.?” Bapasri said, “In realised state one cannot say other attributes –there remains only experiential knowledge in that state. The talk about that experiential knowledge is peculiar. Murti is boundless and Maharaj’s bliss is boundless -it is called experiential knowledge. The knowledge of bliss of Murti, infinite muktas and Aksardham is achieved by experiential knowledge. Just as knowledge of illusive objects of this world can be had from the knowledge of this world. Similarly, in divine perspective knowledge of Murti, mukta, abode, bliss, can be had by experiential knowledge. The cause of all is Sriji Maharaj. We should consider that Murti as luminous. There is no human feeling or idol feeling in that Murti. It is divine Murti. Luminescence emits from Murti like jet -it is very luminous. Therefore, we should not keep human feeling or idol feeling for Murti. This assembly is of Purusottam Narayana itself- you are sitting in it. Where can we get opportunity of sitting in this assembly? It is real opportunity. If one seizes this opportunity, he will be fulfilled. Therefore, seize the opportunity and get attached to Murti. Just as bark is inseparable from the tree, similarly, muktas are inseparable from Murti. Just as liquid is spread in the whole tree, similarly Anadi muktas are spread in Murti. Thus, we should get attached to Murti. By associating with muktas, one can become thus. One cannot get such achievement without associating with muktas. In this assembly Anadi muktas and Maharaj are seated- luminescence emits like jet. On seeing this all saints are pleased, are smiling- there is no such joy without Maharaj. But, jiva has the feeling of atheism so, such big talk is not understood. This assembly is of Aksardham, is divine, perpetual, it is Anadi. Formerly Sukdevji had spoken from the tree- can these saints speak from the tree like him or not? What if one speaks from the tree! This saint can speak from all up to Aksar and with his knowledge he can make everything false excepting Maharaj. Saints! In front of Maharaj, you are very powerful but you do not know your strength. Your sankalpas work. In this world, sovereign king does not give everything to the subordinate king whereas Maharaj gives away all His bliss- He is such merciful. Therefore, doer of everything is only Sriji Maharaj. Without Maharaj kala, karma (deeds), maya, god, mantra, medicine, etc. should not be considered, as doer. Nobody is capable to break even straw excepting Maharaj. ‘Mari marji vina re koithi tarnu nav today’ (no body can break even a straw without My desire). Saint Harijivandasji asked, “Who is responsible for adverse activity?” Bapasri said, “Maharaj does not support undesirable activity. Maharaj always supports the one who is pure, remains with him and makes him do good deeds. If he is not worthy, Maharaj will not remain with him in his deeds- in it maya gets it done according to his nature- it should not be known that Maharaj has done it. Then the 20th Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter was being read. In it, there was reference about trance. Bapasri said, “The talk of trance is not big. One should have matured determination for Maharaj’s form. The talk of determination is very important. The determined devotee will not be affected in three kinds of troubles. There may be hundreds famines and one would not get food to eat or the servants of king may arrest him, tie him and bit him and he may fear his life, even then he would face three kinds of troubles and would think that no one is doer excepting the wish of Maharaj. At the time of death, if one is pleased then we should know that his determination is matured. And at the time of death if he thinks that all will be here and he would have to go, he does not think so and thinks that where he would go? He has to go to the abode which is the real home and has to go to Maharaj. If he knows thus and is pleased, it should be known as matured determination. If he gets done according to his wish from Maharaj and muktas it will be a guilt and it will be great loss.”

Swami Vrndavandasji asked, “What is to be done after getting great Anadi?” Bapasri replied, “One should get engrossed in Murti and should swing in the sea of joy. If the bliss of Murti is experienced properly, all illusive happiness will become salty and if illusive happiness is liked, he will be unhappy.”

Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “In the 78th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter it has been said to ponder on the greatness of incarnations of Ram, Krsna, etc. on the basis of the question of by Nirmalanand Swami. Should those incarnations be known as associated (anvaya) or unassociated (vyatirek)?” Bapasri said, “Incarnations of Aksar, etc. and Ram, Krsna, etc. referred to in Vachanamrt are incarnations of associated (anvaya) forms and Anadis and param ekantik muktas who have come by the wish of Maharaj should be known as incarnations of unassociated (vyatirek) forms. Ultimate liberation has been made simple in present time by Sriji Maharaj through the medium of Anadi muktas. The followers of Sriji Maharaj should consider Vachanamrt, Bhaktachintamani and such volumes as beneficial scriptures for oneself. Without these scriptures, non-manifest (paroksa) scriptures will not be useful in understanding the form Sriji Maharaj. The Ramayana was composed because of the words of Sitaji and the Mahabharat was composed by the words of Draupadi. Such scriptures do not reach Maharaj. The greatness of Maharaj can only be described by Maharaj’s muktas. For us these are only scriptures for liberation. Vedas take you up to Vairaj. Supernatural powers of Prakrti Purusa is in Vairaj. Power of Prakrti Purusa is described by Vedas through the medium of Vairaj. Other scriptures could reach up to Prakrti Purusa, but those scriptures cannot reach up to Maharaj. Where is the elephant! and where is the monkey! And God is so greatful that He attracts jiva by showing His mercy.”

“We should constantly remember Murti and muktas. If we are attached to Murti we are on the right path and if not we are on the wrong path. We should not remember Aksarkoti, Brahmakoti, Isvarkoti, Mayakoti, jivakoti, etc.- they should be forgotten. We should keep uninterrupted tendency in Murti, it does much work. We should see that while doing mental worship and rosary, we become quiet and get attached to Murti. We should keep memory of Murti and continue to sing devotional song and do katha-varta, etc. but we should not divert our attention. We should behave according to the commands of Maharaj by remaining alert. The renouncer has been told to follow five vartamans and householder has been told to follow eleven rules. If one differs from that he should do penance. If he does not do that jiva will become habitual. If he ignores once, twice, or for a long time, jiva will become corrupt. Therefore, one should behave properly according to commands.”

Purani Hariprasaddasji said, “One may follow five vartamans according to the commands of Maharaj, follow eleven rules and the upasana is matured but his trust in renunciation and meditation, etc. is less but if has firm faith in muktas, will muktas fulfil him or not?” Bapasri said, “If he has faith in muktas and his upasana is matured but in other thing if there is some shortcoming even then muktas by their favour will give him ultimate liberation. In the 27th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter, it is said that the devotee of God gets infinite supernatural powers- what is that? He achieves various kinds of happiness of Murti. In that Vachanamrt it is said that God sees through the eyes of such devotee, walks through his legs. In that seekers position this is the state of ekantik and realised muktas who dwell in Aksardham in front of Sriji Maharaj have only Maharaj.”

Hirabhai asked, “Is there east or west in Aksardham?” Bapasri said, “It is there during the period of doing means. In realised state Maharaj and muktas do not have day or night, east or west. If the faith is complete it will soon be fulfilled and will get divine feeling. This assembly is of Lord Purusottam and Anadi muktas. Maharaj’s presence is eternal but cannot be believed it is feeling of atheism. If there is faith, muktas will fulfil- therefore faith is must. Covering of this body is big. If it is done away with, Maharaj and assembly are there before your eyes (pratyaksa). Just as if there is the film covering of the eyes, he cannot see –after it is removed, he can see. On that point Govindprasadji’s example was given that when the film covering of the eyes were removed, he could see soon. Similarly, if the covering of maya is removed by muktas, assembly, Murti and everything is seen. There is nothing like going or coming. Therefore, one should have firm determination of muktas. Maharaj has also said the same in Vachanamrt. ‘A Gadhadun saher ke osari e kain dekhatun nathi’ (this city of Gadhada or porch is not visible). It is the talk of state. If that state is achieved, nothing is visible excepting Murti. Nothing is empty even equal the size of an atom without Aksardham. Maharaj has said, “When the little time is left out for the death, if one becomes desireless and joins Murti, his shortcoming is avoided. At the time of death, mouth becomes wide open and eyes do not make movement. How can he join Murti at that time? But if he has divine feeling for such great Anadi, has faith, has love and followed their commands, muktas are merciful so by their favour, they will avert his defect and give him experiential knowledge as Anadi muktas have. They make him meet infinite muktas and make prostrate before them many times and make him to do circular motion round (pradaksina) them. Then Maharaj showing His favour joins him in His Murti and makes him Anadi like anadi mukta who are one with Murti. Just as a farmer joints a sapling of tree, that sapling becomes a tree and bears separate fruits. Similarly, he becomes one with Maharaj even then the feeling of master-servant never goes- always remains. Therefore, muktas do his work. When greatness of muktas is understood, there will be faith and if there is faith there will be love and when there is love he will get attached to muktas with love. Much is done by love and faith. When the greatness is understood, there will be faith and love. This opportunity is good. The one who tells is good– one should get fulfilled in such time.

Mistry Laljibhai said, “In Aksardham there is divine Murti of Maharaj. What kind of service is required for that Murti?” Bapasri said, “Enjoying the bliss of Murti is itself service in Aksardham. In other service, he will get attribute. While doing seva with sandalwood paste and flower is the view from the perspective of this world (avarbhav). The words of divine perspective and of the view from the perspective of this world (avarbhav) are together. They should be applied, as they are needed. But divine Murti, divine assembly, divine service, ‘Narnarayana divya Murti, santanko vishram’ (divine Murti of Narnarayana is the resting place of saints) that divine mukta, that divine Murti so the service has also become divine. ‘Mari Murti re mara lok bhog ne mukta sarve divya chhe’ (My Murti, My world, enjoyment and muktas, everything is divine). Thus, Maharaj says. The one following non-manifest (paroksa) scripture thinks that doer is incarnate where in the eyes of Maharaj incarnation has no value. Just as the people of kingdom are poor before the king.”

Then the 10th Vachanamrt of Loya was being read. In it, it is said that in the adverse condition of the region and time, one should not stay there. This was in connection with the question asked by Chaitanyanand Swami. Bapasri said, “This has been said for the one whose determination is not matured. But Maharaj is the only doer for the one who has matured determination. He has not been asked to go elsewhere. The adverse time is of two kinds- one is the company of the wicked. The other is the danger of fatal diseases, etc. Between the two if the time is in the form of the wicked, one should not stay there. But fearing the death one should not run away from the danger of fatal diseases, etc. Because he, who is devotee, considers death to be auspicious. The real devotees of Maharaj does not consider medicine, physician, choghadiyu (a period of one and half hour), auspicious time, etc. as the doer excepting Maharaj. It is the gist. The activity which is to be done, should be done, but there should be no tension of it. It can be remedied if it is wish of Maharaj- one should know thus but one should not remain engrossed in activity- only Maharaj should be known as the doer. Whatever Maharaj does, he does for good but we cannot know it. Muktanand Swami’s saint had severe ache in stomach. At that time other saints requested Muktanand Swami to tell Maharaj to cure ache of that saint who suffers from severe pain. Swami said to Maharaj, “This saint is unable to bear the pain.” Maharaj said, “It is the result of the deeds of his previous four births and he has to bear it for four days. If anyone is ready to take the result of deeds of his four births, I can cure him soon from the pain.” Swami told Maharaj if it is so, let him suffer. Therefore, we should know that whatever Maharaj does He does for good.”

Bapasri said, “To find the fault of God’s devotee is a big sin. Therefore, one should not find fault of a saint or a devotee. If we find fault of the one who is reciting the name of Swaminarayana it will be harmful. Therefore, we should remain as servant of all in satsang. If someone errs or does not err in this assembly, one should observe fast or vrat if, it is told by arbitrators. If he does it humbly, Maharaj will be very much pleased on him. If he has erred and does not do it, he will be sinful. Moreover, it will be insult of the assembly. Therefore, to avoid sin he must do it humbly as told by the arbitrators.”

One should roam from place to place in search of big ekantiks, param ekantiks, and Anadis in satsang, and should associate with them and should avoid his own shortcoming. Just as Guru Dattatreya took virtues from python and the kite, similarly, we should also take virtues from saints and devotees and should pay attention to renunciation and how to bear happiness and unhappiness. An example was quoted on it. There are devotees at our place, they get up at 2.00 o’clock and after taking bath, perform puja and start to work. They would have loaf for the lunch and some may get and some may not get buttermilk and chillies but put efforts and make their ends meet and perform seva of Ṭhakorji and saints. We get everything on hand therefore, we must get up at two o’clock and do rosary, meditation, bhajan, sing devotional song but we should not remain asleep.” || 41 ||