On the day of Vaishakh Vad 14th Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Just as when we give a diamond, a gem, and seashell in the hands of a child, it would sometimes play with the diamond, sometimes it will throw away the diamond and play with the gem and sometimes it will throw away the gem and play with the seashell, because it has no knowledge of the values of those three things. On the other hand a jeweller knows the value for all the three. Similarly, Maharaj and Muktas can not be recognized without knowledge. Those who are qualified by scriptures and saints, should be understood as Muktas and should be associated by us, but those having childish nature should not be associated. Those who violate the principle of Muktas and behave leaving aside the norms of the Satsang are called to be of childish nature. They spoil their own salvation and make innumerable soul away from the path of salvation, it will be the cause of great sin. The nature of jiva is such that it does not allow to remain under the command of Muktas. If one remains under the commands of the Muktas and if he associates with them by mind, act and words, his nature will change. His tendency will turn back and will make him join in Murti, he will become calm and will become very happy. If there is no association of Muktas but he has understood the greatness of Muktas by hearing from some one, and trusts, he will become calm and Muktas will make him fulfilled.”

Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “In the year Samvat 1951, I went from you to Kapadvanj via Amdavad. There I talked about your greatness to Chunilal, the son of Modh Brahmin Shrikrushna. As a result he felt your divinity. He became very eager to have your darshan and told me to take him to Kutch then and there, and arrange for the darshan of yours. I told him that I have already had his darshan and can not go again without his permission. Then he said, “I would go to Mumbai. When you go to Vrushpur write me a letter so that I can come there.” I came here in the year Samvat 1952 and wrote a letter to him in Mumbai. He replied, “I am sitting in examination. Four days examination is already given and four days more are there for the examination. You write to me again and tell me whether I should come by a steamer direct to Vrushpur or by train.” When I read his letter to you, you ordered me to write to him that he should come by train after visiting his house. I wrote to him thus. On reading this letter he went home from Mumbai and there he fell ill. When his death came near, you gave his darshan. At that time he told his father there that Bapashri had come to take him and he was going to Akshardham. So his father asked him, “How could you know Bapashri though you have never seen him?” Then he replied that Swami made him recognise. Saying so he left this world. On the very day you told me that the boy to whom I had written letter had left this world today and you have put him in Akshardham. That boy had never seen you but as soon as he understood your greatness, he was liberated.

“During last month of Kartik you (Bapashri) came to Amdavad on the occasion of sacred thread ceremony of Dharmadhurandhar Maharaj Shri Vasudevprasadji Maharaj. Then we all went to Vartal. There you camped in mango grove on the bank of the Gomtiji. There Gopallalbhai, the chief administrative officer of Thasra, came for your darshan and performed your aarti. At that time saints forbade that act. Gopalbhai that Maharaj had given him darshan at night and commanded him to go for darshan of His Anadi Mukta who has come to Vartal that day. Maharaj further said that his darshan and service are like His darshan and service so he had come. He offered a radish to Bapashri for prasad and asked for boon that whosoever ate that radish should be taken to Akshardham by him (Bapashri). Bapashri granting the wish said, “Whosoever will eat those radish will be taken to Akshardham.” He went to Thasra and distributed offerings of radish to all. When he talked to all satsangis about your greatness, two sons of a Bania asked Gopalbhai whether Bapashri was at Vartal or had left. Gopalbhai said that today he was going to leave by special car. Hearing this the two boys became sad because they did not have darshan. The elder brother fell ill after some days. At the time of his death you (Bapashri) gave darshan and told him to come to Akshardham. At that time he told his younger brother that Bapashri had come to fetch him. The younger brother asked his brother to inquire when would Bapashri fetch him, so he asked Bapashri. Then you replied that you would take him after a month from today. Then you took the elder brother and after a month you also took the younger brother. You liberated them because those boys became sad as they did not have your darshan.” Then Bapashri said, “Though Maharaj and Muktas are invisible, if they are remembered with sincerity they gave the fruit as if they were visible.” || 31 ||